It started with the fabric, this burnt orange knitted mohair blend. Brought to my attention by the lovely Manju at the Minerva Meet up way back in the summer. You might know me by now to realise that I could not pass this up. OK, so orange is less my colour, but a sweater knit fabric for me equals cardigans that I don't have to knit.

I had a few ideas about what to make - perhaps another Julia cardigan or even the new Jenna by Muse patterns. But in the end I had enough fabric to make this beauty from Burdastyle the Cocoon Cardigan 11/2013 #107.

It's a simple raglan sleeved cocoon style cardigan of cloaklike proportions. It's HUGE. It has inseam pockets too. Easy sewing though. I used my overlocker for practically all of it - even attaching the neck/ hem band as if it was a t - shirt neckband - sewing the band into a circle, then folding in half wrong sides together and stitching it on that way on the body of the cardigan.

The fabric is very light & could really stretch out of shape. That's why I think it worked pretty well with this pattern because the hem/ neckband is interfaced & therefore forces the cardigan to behave & keep its cocoon shape - it even serves the function of slightly pulling the cardigan's body in a bit.

At times it felt that there was almost too much cardigan for attaching to the hem /neck band without gathering - however, this fabric is mega forgiving in that respect & allowed me to manipulate it into place.

I had to do the same with the cuffs though this is not part of the pattern. The pattern just gets you to make a hem at the sleeve hems - but you can see that this did not work very well at all for this type of fabric. After hemming with a triple zig zag stitch on my regular machine, I hated the trumpet splayed effect & cut it off.

I cut my own cuff bands with the grain running vertically to keep the stretch in check, & applied them as I did the hem/ neck band.

Worked a treat.

So my cardigan did me well in London when I went visiting last weekend - just got a couple of pics. You can see it is REALLY LONG!

But as a layering light weight jacket it is perfect. I felt snug but not overly hot.

If you want a blanket-type cocoon - this fabric would be too light weight.

I can see it's going to work well with skinnies as well. It really isn't my usual type shape to wear, but I love it! And I might be an orange convert - it looks so fantastic with navy. And it must be the colour for October don't you think? Although I notice this fabric also comes in yellow if you fancy another kind of citrus!