Another month, another Minerva Crafts make!!

Hi again! This month I'm bringing you the Colette Zinnia Skirt Pattern whipped up in a gorgeous orangey-brown Viscose Fabric.

Apparently when I planned my latest batch Minerva Crafts blogger makes I thought it was summer already...

The Zinnia skirt pattern was one I actually picked up for free at a pattern swap last year! How amazing is that!

It's a knee/midi length full skirt with three different versions. The first has gathers and pleated patch pockets which buttons up on the front. The second two are two different lengths pleated skirts with side seams pockets, closing with a zip.

I opted to make version one.

I knew I'd want this skirt to be soft and flowy so that it didn't create too much volume at my hips – definitely not a place that needs more volume! So I went straight to the Viscose Fabric Section of the Minerva Crafts site to find a fabric!

I ended up picking a Plain Viscose Fabric in nugget. (I just loved that the colour was called nugget...). It's a lovely burnt orange colour and as soft and drapey as I hoped it would be.

The skirt is simple enough to make. Because of its style, you only really need to fit it at the waist (so pick a size that's closest to your waist measurement!).

The patch pockets are topstitched onto the skirt first. I opted to forgo the pocket flaps which cover the openings as I tend to find them a bit annoying when I'm trying to reach into my pockets quickly!

Next comes the side seams and attaching the button placket to the right front of the skirt. I chose to use French seams in my side seams to give it a really neat finish.

The button plackets are finished next and then 3 lines of gathering stitches are sewn into the top of the skirt. Having multiple rows of gathering stitches means more control over how the gathers line up and how easy they are to spread evenly.

This is then sewn to the waistband. At this point, I chose to ditch the instructions and finished off the waistband in my own way...

I opted to sew the band to the skirt first, matching up the notches and matching the edge of the finished skirt opening to the stitch line of the waistband. I then sewed the sides of the waist band RST, clipped the corner and turned it right side out. I turned the seam allowance of the inside of the band under and "stitched in the ditch" from the right side of the fabric.

After that all that was needed were buttons!

I used up some cream buttons I had in my stash. I really liked the colour contrast with the fabric.

I used my button foot to sew on the (many) buttons! It still scares me a bit when I use it but it's much faster and more secure than when I sew them on by hand!

Look how swishy this fabric is!

This will be perfect skirt for spring and summer. Now it’s just a case of waiting until that happens…