Hey Minerva Makers!

Do you ever lose your sew-jo? Not for lack of ideas, but you are just not feeling the urge to sew? That’s what happened to me this month. I have tons of ideas buzzing round in my head but no urge to get up and actually make them a reality. I think my big burst of energy around the new year and a determination to make and reach lots of new goals left me feeling a little deflated after a few weeks of being super productive.

I had all the materials to get started with these beautiful Carolyn pyjamas. I had this super cute strawberries fabric, buttons, piping and thread so I didn’t have to gather any supplies but I still found it hard to get started, I think the idea of having to make TWO garments seemed like a lot of effort and with one of them being a shirt it just seemed like it was going to be hard work… 

I am so glad I got started because they were so enjoyable to make! Despite having piping, pockets and a faux fly, the trousers were surprisingly quick to make. A couple of hours and they were done in one go and they are so nice – I love putting pockets into pyjamas because they very rarely come with pockets and I like somewhere to put my hands. My waist measurement is 32 and my hip is 47, I made size 18 and the fit is spot on. 

I couldn’t find anywhere in the instructions to tell me what length of elastic to use (it must be there but I couldn’t find it) and so I just tried them on and shortened the elastic until it was the appropriate length. Top tip! Remember to stretch your length of elastic a few times before you sew, this way it will hopefully have done all the ‘stretching out’ it is going to do and won’t stretch out after your garment is made. 

As for making the shirt, it is nowhere near as complex as actually making a full shirt. There is no button placket to construct nor a collar stand, no cuffs or sleeve placket. It came together smoothly and quickly and even adding in the piping it still wasn’t a tiresome make. What was I even worrying about?! 

This was my first time ever using piping, (maybe another reason I was putting off this make?!) but it was not as bad as I had suspected. The only thing that made it a bit tricky was that it is narrower than the seam allowance which meant I had to baste it in at the appropriate width. The instructions actually tell you to make the piping yourself so that you can make it the same width as the seam allowance. I think this would make installation easier (and probably a neater result) but if I actually had to make the piping myself first I think I might have been getting round to this project in 2021! So yay for ready-made piping! 

I am so thrilled I chose to make these, they were nowhere near as complicated to make as I thought they were going to be and I love the finished look, they are so much nicer than my regular pyjamas. I will definitely be making more! I love that they show off a cute cotton poplin print, I always love quilting cotton and cotton poplin novelty prints but never know what to make with them. I think the Carolyn Pyjamas might be the perfect canvas to show them off. 

I also love that you can choose cute buttons for them, I was tempted by some of Minerva’s cute strawberry buttons but decided to make them a little more grown up and chose some sweet red ones instead. I’m glad I know they are there for next time though…

Until next time, happy sewing!