Disclaimer: all photos are edited, I had to apply a ‘sunshine’ filter because, even though it’s mid April, the sun is still shy and keeps hiding behind the clouds.

This outfit screams Spring! to me and I hope spring will hear and come round soon. :)

The T-Shirt

My next 3 projects will centre around this t-shirt. I don't normally wear white clothing because I have 2 young children who love wiping their nose/mouth/hands on me. But I think this t-shirt is very versatile and will work with lots of (if not all) bottoms I have.

I’ve lost count of the number of garments sewn from the ‘Breaking the pattern’ book. I think this is the fourth one?

I sampled a few cotton knits for this and found the John Kaldor Cadiz Fabric to be the nicest. It has 8% elastane, a slightly higher percentage than most, so it has great recovery. The fabric is lightweight but has good body, it feels quite beefy. And the thing I like most about it it that it has a slight sheen which makes it look more refined than any old t-shirt. :D

Based on the size chart and previous garments from the book I went with size 4. I made a few alterations for forward shoulder, shorter torso and rounded back. I even made the back shorter and eased the front in at bust level, a sort of cheat FBA, but I think I need a ‘proper’ bust adjustment and more length for my round back.

Jersey knits love to roll at cut edges and last hem I had to sew in a dress almost drove me crazy. This time I was smart and fused some knit interfacing on the hem line and only after that I cut the pieces.

The Skirt

This is quite an old pattern, it featured in the May 2012 Burda issue. I always loved it and admired Etemi’s skirt but I thought it was not a good length for me. Then I remembered last year I made a pair of cullotes in a similar length and I love wearing them. They were yellow/mustard as well, can you see a theme here? :D

The fabric is a Lady McElroy Stretch Cotton Sateen, it has great body and would work great for slim trousers. I had 2 metres to work with, that’s how much the magazine said I’d need. But I didn't notice the width in the magazine was different and my fabric was actually narrower than theirs. I also had to draft a new wider hidden placket (thank you Threads!) to replace the terrible way Burda does hidden buttons. Because of this I had to piece on skirt panel, I didn't have enough fabric to cut them all in one piece. I decided to piece the front side panel, the one with the pocket. I added a diagonal line to match the diagonal pocket opening. It's not very evident and it doesn’t look out of place.

To be honest, I am actually surprised it only took 2 metres, this is a lot of skirt! Look at that swish!

I interfaced the right front at center and on the bit where the buttonholes would go. The left side had only one strip of interfacing for the buttons. I used a fine knit interfacing for this and I think I should’ve used something more stable. My machine didn’t like making buttonholes in the stretchy fabric, they ended up looking a right mess. Maybe I should’ve made them vertically, so they run against the stretch, not with it.

I love how sharp the pockets look, cotton sateen is a lovely fabric for structured details.

When we went out to take the pictures I mentioned to my husband that the dog lead matches my skirt. He quickly replied that the dog lead, the pushchair and the little one’s trousers match my skirt. Oh… I thought my favourite colour was green?! :D