Hello again, I'm so happy to be back to share this make! The Coppelia Wrap Cardi Sewing Pattern has been on my to do radar for aaaaages. With our family holiday coming up soon I decided it would be the perfect piece to wear either dressed down with shorts or paired up with with Capri style pants. I knew that I wanted a high quality soft jersey with lots of lovely drape and so I chose this amazing spandex blend Jersey Fabric from John Kaldor in a neutral Ivory. It is sooooo mesmerisingly soft! 
I'll be honest, when I first got my hands on it I was a touch apprehensive because it has a serious amount of drape and I was worried about stretching it out. Well I needn't have been because it also has fantastic stretch recovery! This pattern has sleeve cuffs and a hem band which meant not having to worry too much about stretching out hems anyway. It really is a fantastic pairing of fabric to pattern; the fabric feels lux and elevates the make into something really quite sophisticated. 
It has a slight curl (handy for determining right and wrong side!) when you cut into it, nothing major, but I decided to use a little spray stabiliser as this also slightly texturises the fabric and makes it less slippy and easier to handle. This step isn't necessary but any long term reader will know I like to faff! 
I also played around with offcuts of the fabric and the settings on both my overlocker and sewing machine to make sure it fed through nicely. I don't always use the stretch stitch on my machine, often opting for a small zigzag which is easier to unpick. However this time only the stretch stitch was robust enough to hold the seams together tightly. Again I used Stretch Needles in both my machines. 
The pattern has a raglan sleeve – I love a raglan sleeve! It has two variations and can be made up as a faux wrap top as well as the cardi. I really love the extra wide cuffs and the way the hem band and ties form one piece. I think it's such a classic shape. And also, oh my goodness, I love the way Papercut package their patterns, it's a thing of beauty! It’s largely made from sustainable and recyclable products too ;-)
Based on my measurements (and checking these against the pattern pieces themselves) I elected to grade between sizes Small and Medium. The fabric has enough stretch and drape that I'd rather downsize to prevent the possibility of bagginess, as I really wanted it to fit flush at the shoulders and across my back. I had read that the pattern comes up big but that wasn’t my experience at all – it may be that Papercut have redrafted it? As you can see, no bat wings here! I think I'm trying to show you the cuffs as well! 
The Fabric is slightly sheer, at least in this colourway, which – as long as you're wearing a T-shirt bra is not an issue at all at the front, especially given that the fabric overlays itself at the wrap. I like the hint of sheer at the back; gives it a hint of glam! 
It's such a simple sew and incredibly satisfying when that turns into a garment you adore isn't it! This Dressmaking Fabric comes in a fantastic assortment of colours (26!). I've earmarked to make another two at least in this fabric in using the classic black and claret. Come Autumn I'll probably make it again in a thicker knit and size up; it's such a versatile pattern! I wouldn't mind trying the top version too.
Oh and if you like the look of the pants I'm wearing in these pictures; they're actually pedal pushers - I've written a post on them over on my blog.
This make has been a delight; thank you so much Minerva for sending me the pattern and the beautiful fabric!
Until next time, as always, happy sewing
Sarah x