Hi, again beautiful people! It’s DECEMBER! Which means Christmas is just around the corner. I decorated the house for Christmas lights inside and out last weekend when it snowed all weekend. Unfortunately, the snow didn’t last very long as it was 9(!!!) plus degrees on Wednesday, so everything is quite slippery at the moment. I just hope I don’t repeat myself and break my ankle again… That was both painful and a long recovery! 

I have had plans to make myself a set of pajamas for a long time. The first time was this thought occurred was the summer of 2016, when I made a set of pajamas for my sister and I was supposed to make myself a matching set but didn’t get around to it. Last year, I made my husband a loungewear set which was the Vogue 8964 that he loves and uses all the time. With all the fancy patterns, not mentioning new shiny ones, the comfortable at-home attire doesn’t really sparkle that much. But I wanted and needed a set, so fancy patterns aside, comfort in focus. 

The pajamas needed to be made in a soft fabric, and I searched for a while after the right one. Finally finding this incredibly cosy Marina viscose twill in the colour raspberry pink. I originally wanted the colour maroon, but this worked out better as it is a bit softer colour. As it was a viscose, it draped very well, but I felt it was sturdy enough to hold its shape. And in my opinion, the drape was a perfect amount for the chosen pattern. The white contrasting piping is made out of cotton and buttons is five two-hole plastic buttons from Dill.

This is the Carolyn pajamas from Closet Case Patterns. I made the view B from the pattern which has long sleeves and trousers with cuffs and the end. It looks super fancy, like a suit, and I wondered if I could get away with it at work, but didn’t dare. The instructions of the pattern were very clear and easy to follow, even with tricky piping details. The pattern is loose and comfortable, but I made it a bit tighter to suited me better. I made it in a size US 6 at the bodice grading it out to a size 8 at the hips. And for the trousers, I made them in a size US 10 adding a full seat adjustment.

I’ve basically lived in these since I made them. So pleased! I feel that I sometimes can use the shirt alone as an actually outside of the home garment, but I’m not that trendy. What are your thoughts about this? Am I deluded to think so?  Maybe in some other color or without the piping maybe. Oh well, now it is time to snuggle up by the fire with a good book.

Digression, I’m currently reading the Seven Sisters series by Lucida Riley and I’m on the second book. I usually read a book in English if the author is English, and Norwegian if the author was Scandinavian because I feel some things get lost in translation. The first book of this series, I read in English, and so with the second book. But, as the second book is written about Norway and Norwegian characters, it’s a bit funny to read about cultures and places in English! Have you ever experienced that?