I have chosen to make something cosy. Maybe making a quilt will be on your new years resolution list. It is always on mine and I enjoy making one every year. 

These fabrics are all from the Micheal Millar cotton range. There is a palette of grey, navy and mustard in geometric prints. The quilt is to be used as a bed runner for my daughter. She has got an Orla Keily Navy and white duvet cover so we were looking for something to inject a bit of colour but not clash with a retro print.

I didn't really have a pattern, I just wanted to make sure that there were no scraps left over so I cut bricks from all of the fabrics and used the last of my Minerva cotton to add some solid colour cohesion to the design. I did try laying them out as a brick wall but with the prints it looks a bit too 'busy' so I returned to the idea of having them patched corner to corner.

I sewed them together in strips of 8 and labelled them to ensure that the same fabrics did not touch.

Then these strips were sewn into a rectangular topper. It wasn't quite wide enough so I used some fabric which I had cut from shortening her curtains to add solid borders.

My daughter and I worked together to stick the calico backing to the floor with parcel tape; layer on the batting then smooth out the topper. It is hard on the knees but we didn't have a large enough table.

We safety pinned all layers together (oops, I can see a little ripple there) and had a think about how to quilt it all together. I decided to hand quilt it because I always get puckers on my machine because my sewing machine has a very small aperture to shove a quilt through. 

Heidi made a template from a cereal packet using an Orla Keily storage jar as a guide. Together we marked out leaves and stems using a water soluble pen. 

A couple of nights of evening hand stitching and I knew we had made the right decision. Finally, I added a binding to enclose all the edges. It has quite a loose top and bottom border which is not quilted and this gives it a relaxed blanket feel. I washed the whole quilt because I like the crumpled effect it gives.

Good morning!


A really quick way to introduce yourself to making a quilt.

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