Hi Everyone, 
So you’ve probably all seen this Sewing Pattern many times before. But I’m late to the Toaster Sweater craze and to be honest I’m a little sad I’ve only just got round to it. It’s the best sweater in the world! (I know drastic statement). This is the first pattern I have from Sew House 7, and it’s great, with clear instructions and good quality paper. Win win. 
So for my jumper I combined version 1 & 2 of the sweater so I had the turtle neck top with the side split bottom hem. The pattern adjustment for this took a little thinking, but I got there in the end. In fact I did a complete sew along of this on my Youtube channel. So if you like this style do watch that so you can see in detail how I did it. The construction, once you’ve done all the pattern tracing, is quite simple. Raglan sleeves are a favourite of mine and sewing this style wasn’t a problem. 
The fabric I chose was this Angora Look Jersey Fabric. It’s incredibly soft and cosy. I loved the textured feel in this warm blue too. It is quite stretchy, and a loose knit weave, so if this is your first go with stretch fabrics I’d try something with more cotton in it first. If however you’ve sewn quite a lot with stretch fabrics, you need this in your stash for those chilly days. 

Because of the loose knit of this fabric, it does have a lovely soft drape to it. This does mean, however, that the turtle neck doesn’t ‘stand up’. But I like the look of the casual draped neck. If you did want it to stand up, I’d probably add some interfacing to the inside before sewing it on, just to give it a little rigidity. 
I added a bright yellow bias binding to the side split to give it a little pop of detail. If you want to see how I did it, do watch my sew along video of this, as it did take me a while to work out how to do it neatly. I just wish I started the split even higher to make more of a feature of it. 
So to summarise, an easy to follow pattern. It will probably take you a day to do my version with all the added adjustments. The fabric is soft and cosy, but not recommended for absolute beginners. And overall I love this jumper. It’s easy and comfortable to wear, and to be honest I’m upset it’s currently in the wash pile as I want to wear it everyday!! 
I hope you like what I made and I look forward to my next project for you all. 
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Jessalli_Handmade / jessalli.co.uk