This months project is a knitted garment, I only started knitting last December and although I don't always have something on my needles I want every now and then to knit a garment.
First I chose the Yarn, It was meant to be a garment for Autumn so it had to be not wool, cotton is what I had in my mind and when I found this cotton and silk blend by Wendy Yarns I had to look no further but just decide what I was going to do with it. 
The recommended gauge is 22sts and 28 rows per 10cm over stocking stitch using a 4mm needle which is exactly the gauge of the Wendy Supreme yarn for 4mm needles. Knowing that I knit a bit loose I decided to use smaller needles instead, specifically I used the Knit Pro Karbonz Fixed Circular Needles in size 2 for the rib and size 3 for the sweater.
Knitting this yarn was a delight, it is so soft and feels so luxurious, I could not wait to finish it so that I get the chance to wear it, luckily the heat we experienced the last two months here in Athens is over now so I'll have plenty of opportunities to wear my lovely sweater.
After I made my swatch with the size 3 needles I was happy with my decision to go one size down as my gauge turned out to be exactly 22 stitches. I first made the rib with the size 3 as well just in case it was ok but it looked really sloppy and I unravelled it and made it again with the size 2 needles and it looked perfect. This is the first time I worked with the Knit Pro Karbonz and I really loved knitting with them.
The pattern I went for is King Cole 3538, it includes a bolero and a sweater, although I was tempted to make the bolero I went for he sweater as it seemed less complicated. This pattern is knitted in straight needles, you make the front and the back separately and than you have to join the two pieces by sewing the side and the shoulder seams, than pick up stitches for making the neck and sleeve ribbing. I could have knitted it in circular needles up to the armhole and than separate but I wanted to try this method too as until now I have only knitted sweaters on the round. Now that I tried it I feel like knitting in the round is easier but maybe that's just because how I learned to knit.
If I was to follow the recommended size that the pattern suggest for my measurements I would have to cast on 119 stitches, I wanted a more fitted garment though so I cast on 107 stitches which is two sizes smaller. Maybe it does not look exactly like in the model but I'm happy with the result. 
The most significant change that I made was on the back, of this sweater, as I was knitting the back piece I understood that the yarn I had was not enough, I had some white cotton in my stash but I didn't feel like I would like the result if I added this yarn as it makes a contrast. (I had 3 balls, so I have included 4 balls in my materials list for you). At this point my mum came to save me by suggesting to add a laced part on the back piece just a bit after the sleeve shaping had started, she showed me an easy lace pattern and using a size 7 needles the yarn I had was just enough to finish the back piece. With this change I love this sweater even more as this design detail makes really special. In the end I had to use my white cotton yarn for the ribbing on the armhole and neck but I don't think it looks that bad after all.
Till next time,