Sewing with colour is always so much fun! The vibrant colours from the XOXO Basics Collection of Cotton and Steel drew me in from the first moment I saw them. This project came about because I simply couldn’t decide on one colour so I deferred to what my kids opt for when faced with choosing between several things “All of them”.

Fabric Details: Cotton & Steel

The XOXO collection is a fun modern print in beautiful colourways. I selected Plummy Metallic, Picnic Green and Dandelion. The colours are glorious! The crosses are of a metallic shimmer that has a gradient going from saturated to less so. It is truly a beauty to look at and so easy to get lost in. I found myself losing track of time as I sewed with this fabric.

It is lightweight with a fluid drape. Very soft to the touch it almost reminds me of double gauze – I’d say it’s like when linen and double gauze get together – then this fabric would be their kid. Consequently it’s a joy to sew with this fabric.

Fabric Care

The care instructions say that it is machine washable at 40 degrees since it is 100% cotton. However, this is what I did - since the fabric has the metallic print on it, I machine washed on cold and delicate. Tumble dried on low. I tend to do this for fabrics that have a metallic print as I don’t want to risk damaging it.

Pattern Details: Burda

For my pattern I went with Burda 4/2019 #120 shirtdress with a seventies vintage vibe. The simplicity of the style suited the beauty of the fabric. The style has drop shoulders with short sleeve flounces. It’s a loose fitting style that is shaped using the belt. The mandarin collar is a cute addition to the style.


The sizing goes from EUR34 – 44. I sewed up size 38 based on my bust, hip and waist measurements. The fit is true to size and just as I’d expected based on the model pictures.


I didn’t follow the instructions on this one because of the colour blocking. I decided that I was going to match the threads with each colour block section. This meant there was a lot of stopping and changing bobbin/ upper thread. To be more efficient (productivity and efficiency is my middle name btw ?). I mapped out what’s what so that I could do the maximal amount of sewing with one colour before changing the thread. This meant things were done out of the traditional order but it was much faster. The style is very simple and had I opted for just using one colour fabric then it could have been finished in one sewing session.

Style Notes

We have had a couple of freakishly hot days since I finished this and I comfortably wore it without any layering. Its equally wearable with a rollneck, thanks to its loose comfortable fit, and it worked well as a spring transition outfit.


I particualy love how this turned out. Initially the flounce sleeves had me worried but I am a firm believer in trying out new things. And I am so glad I did because these make me feel FIERCE! They are out there and really give this dress va-va-voom! The kimono style armholes offer a loose comfortable fit plus a bonus is that they are easy to sew.

It’s the fabric that really makes this dress. With all those yummy colours you can expect more Cotton and Steel XOXO makes from me in the future.

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