Hi Minerva makers, for this month’s blog post I chose this beautiful woven check cotton shirt fabric, with a green background and the checks are in red, white and yellow colours, it is really a beautiful fabric and after I had finished the dress I just kept it hanging in my dressmaking doll and admire how pretty the fabric looked.

When I first ordered the fabric I had in mind a different pattern from the one I actually made, my first idea was to make a shift dress with it but after I received the fabric i could not see it in anything else but a shirt dress so I started again looking for patterns. One of the issues of Burdastyle Magazine that I’ve bought is nr. 4/2019, this issue has many dress patterns and one of my favourites is the dress in the cover page of the magazine, i just love this pattern and I actually made it again earlier this year  in the longer version. I’m talking about pattern nr. 120, a knee length dress with sleeve and hem ruffle.

 My dress looks a bit different from the one in the magazine as I made a couple of changes. First one was that I decided to add a collar as the design on the magazine comes with a collar stand only, I don’t like how that looks on me so I just took used a collar pattern from a different design and added it to my dress, I also omitted the ruffles on the sleeves as I was not sure If i liked them or not. Lastly, the dress features a ruffled hem as well and i choose to make it with pleats, I cutt the fabric for the pleated hem along the selvedge as I wanted to include the selvedge detail as well. I really like that white stripe all around the hem, when I’m using a fabric with an interesting selvedge detail I always try to incorporate that in my makes.

Another design detail that I added was to use some contrasting red details in various parts of the dress, I wanted these red details to be subtle and not very obvious so using some leftover fabric from previous project I made the inside of the undercollar and the button band in red. I also finished the armholes with red bias binding.

The construction of this dress is as easy as it can get, adding the collar was a bit more work but after sewing a couple of shirts and shirt dresses, collars seem really easy. The pleats took me some time and they don’t look very neat but I quite like the overall look and I don’t really mind the little mistakes. The only factors that I don’t like are the fact that this fabric wrinkles a lot and those pleats take some time to iron every time that I wash the dress as i have to fold them all over again, these don’t stop me from wearing it and I have worn it a lot the last month.

Take care,