Hello all! For my September Minerva make I decided to skip the practical and go straight to the pretty. This striped Cotton Lace Fabric caught my eye and the lure of playing with stripes was just too much to resist. The fact that it's ivory sealed the deal, because ivory looks so much better with my skin tone than white. I then chose a co-ordinating linen look cotton to underline the dress with.

I decided that I wanted a vertical stripe running all the way down the centre front with horizontal stripes at either side. So for the bodice I measured how wide I wanted my center vertical stripe and took that number away from my bust measurement. This measurement was then divided by 2 to give me the width of the other 2 bodice pieces. I then measured how long I wanted the bodice to be and subtracted how wide I wanted the cut out to be to get the length of the rectangles.

I cut out those 3 rectangles, underlining them with the cotton and tacked them together. When I tried the bodice on I tweaked the front seams for a closer fit, and made them a bit like princess seams. When I was happy with the fit of that, I sewed on the 'waistband' which wasn't underlined to give a cut out effect.

For the skirt I used the CF skirt piece from the By Hand London Anna dress pattern for the vertical stripe running down the center front. The rest of the skirt was a rectangle, except for the edges that connected to the centre front piece. I cut those the same as the side front Anna skirt pieces so they would fit together nicely with the CF piece.

The next step was putting in the invisible zip and the just turning down the bodice neckline and turning up the hem. Unfortunately the bodice is just a bit too long so the zip isn't laying flat. Before I wear this dress next I'll take out the zip, take an inch or so off the top of the neckline and sew the zip back in. Hopefully that'll make it sit nicer.

This dress stays up mostly by compression, which doesn't give me the best sideways silhouette in the world, but it doesn't really bother me. If, with more wears it wasn't staying up as well as I would like I'll add some elastic in the centre back.

I really love this dress. I love how I could play with the stripes to make something really unique and I feel very pretty wearing it.

Thank you for reading, to Minerva Crafts for providing the kit for this make, and to Edward for taking pics!

Lauren xx