When I discovered Zpagetti yarn, I knew I had to have some! My only problems were choosing colours. I've needed a new hot water bottle cover for the longest time and I thought this chunky t-shirt yarn would be perfect for keeping the hot water bottle warm in the winter months.

I used two colours, baby pink and white and a size 12mm crochet hook.

I used a very loose crochet pattern and made my first chain the same length as the very bottom of the hot water bottle as I knew there would be a little extra give. I ended up chaining 12 and 2 extra for turning. I then used double crochet for 8 rows.

On the 9th row I had to decrease, one each end.

On the 10th row I decreased, one each end.

On Row 11 in each space. So two double crochet stitches in each space.

On row 12 I was able to increase again.

I then created two separate pieces for the back, I did the same double crochet rows and ended after the 7th row.

I chained 12 again, 2 extra for turning, 1 row of double crochet and then the same technique as I used on the first panel.

I then attached all the pieces with a single crochet together join technique, I left the very top of the hot water bottle cover open so I didn't have to wrestle it off every time I needed to refill! When I had woven in my edges, I used the white zpagetti yarn to single crochet around the very top.

Weave in your edges and then you are finished! I hope all of you with a knowledge of crochet can understand my instructions and I hope you all enjoy it!