Hi Minerva crafters, this is the last post for 2018 and I can't believe it went by so quickly! Athens is gorgeous this time of the year and I hope I'll find some time to wander around in the festively decorated center of the town.

For my last post this year I have made a simple top with a vintage look, I used the Enid sweater by Jennifer Lauren Handmade, a brand that is known for it's vintage style patterns! I have made quite a few of her patterns and I remember I bought the Enid Sweater as soon as it was published a few years ago but I only managed to make it now.

It is a cropped top meant to be made in sweatshirt fabrics with no stretch at all and you have to cut the pattern pieces on the bias, it also uses ribbing in the cuffs, hem, and neckband. The construction is very easy, only attaching the neckband in the v neck needs to pay some attention but all the other steps are very easy.

Now about the materials I used, I chose the Atelier Brunette Sweatshirt Fabric and this high-quality Cotton Ribbing. Both of them are so soft in the touch and I'm very happy with my choices as they were perfect for this project. Now, the pattern requires a nonstretch sweatshirt fabric and this one has 30% stretch so, how is it perfect for this project? Well, the instructions mention that in case a stretch fabric is used then you can cut the pattern pieces on the straight grain and not on the bias!

This is the first time I use ribbing and I like so much the result as it looks much more professional than if I had used a plain stretch fabric like I usually do. I chose this bright yellow color as it goes well with the yellow speckles that the fabric has.

I have to mention though that I had one problem while making this sweater, the pattern for the neckband was too small to be attached around the neck without having it all gathered in an unpleasant way that it didn't flatten even with ironing. I don't know what happened and if it was my fault or the pattern is wrong but in the end I measured the neckline and cut another band 4 cm smaller than the neckline, I was glad that I had some ribbing left so all went well in the end and I'm very happy with how the neckline looks.

So that's all I had to say about this top, this design is so my style and I plan to make it again but I'll probably lengthen it for about 2-3 cm as I think it will be more comfortable.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays!