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I am very excited to bring you my first (of hopefully many) project for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network!

Now I had originally planned to do something amazing with some green velvet for my first project but my plans went a bit off the rails (I'm sure all of us know that feeling!) so I'm gonna be saving that one for another occasion. This time though, I thought I'd make something that I'd been longing to do for the past few months - a culotte jumpsuit!

I used the New Look 6446 pattern - view C.

I picked out a gorgeous heavyweight black Ponte Roma Jersey for this project. I wanted something that would drape reasonably well but have a little body too and this was the perfect choice. It's quite a thick fabric so it also offers a little bit of warmth in winter. The instructions call for a woven fabric but this jersey is pretty stable so I knew it would be easy to cut and handle for a project like this!

It's a simple pattern to put together - a wide leg culotte length trouser with angled pockets and a simple bodice with straps. It closes with an invisible zip down the centre back.

I made some alterations to the pattern in order to meet my design needs. Basically I just ignored the top panel of the bodice front (way too high for my liking) and added length to the front strap instead. I also cut down the pattern pieces on the side bodices leaving 8cm on each side (this includes seam allowance). You can see in the photo that I've traced off a copy of the pattern - I'm always in the habit of doing this because I nearly always end up altering the paper pattern in some way so I like to keep the originals intact. Time consuming but worth it in my opinion!

This was to create an exaggerated armhole on each side, almost like dungarees or a pinafore which is a look I'm pretty much obsessed with at the moment!

Small adjustments to necklines on garments which are lined like this are usually pretty easy. Just make the same alteration to both the outer layer and the lining and sew along your new seam lines as if it was the original. Just make sure you trim and clip the edges properly - especially if you're adding in curves! If you're going to make big alterations, be aware that this may change how the garment hangs and other alterations, such as adding in darts etc, may be needed to get the fit you want. Always do a muslin first if you're not sure!

So, what do you think?

I love how this looks. This fabric was perfect for what I wanted to create! The weight of it helps the garment a bit of shape, rather than just hanging lifelessly. Plus it feels so comfy when it's on! I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing this all winter! (Just imagine me with a chunky knit cream sweater over the top of this outfit...)

I think I might have to get some more of this fabric to make a slouchy blazer at some point. Maybe a Morris blazer from Grainline Studio? This ponte knit would be perfect for one of those!

I couldn't help myself. A funny jump shows this jumpsuit at its best!