I have always loved tiered skirts – prairie skirts – the very epitome of eighties styles. As we race towards summer and my summer garden calls to me, I find myself wanting to spend more time outside. Yet I still want to sew – naturally, I gravitate towards easy to sew up styles! And this is where this lovely skirt comes in.

Dolce and Gabbana are my dream fashion house – their feminine bold style is gorgeous. As my sewing skill has grown I love that I can use it to create a  more D&G inspired wardrobe without the price tag obviously.

This linen-look fabric is new to the site and the moment I laid my eyes on it, I fell in love immediately. It has all the benefits of looking like linen with the easy-care of polyester. The polyester crepe fabric is a light delightful fabric.

The floral print is fresh with posies of light pink double petal roses atop leafy green stems – so similar to the D&G skirts I had been coveting for a while. The project easily formed into the vision of a tiered skirt that I could wear with a white top during hot summer days.

I drafted my own skirt. Sewing it in this way meant I could be incredibly efficient with the fabric. I might as well call this zero waste sewing as the only fabric left was 2 x 4” squares of fabric.

The skirt is made up of rectangular panels cut from selvedge to selvedge. The rectangular pieces are then gathered and sewn onto the preceding tiers. I made a tutorial on my YouTube channel.

Construction and technical details – I prewashed on 30 degrees. Being polyester it didn't need much ironing. I pressed the seams as I sewed and it needs a low – medium heat setting. The cut edges unravel with more manipulation – so I’d recommend serging your cut edges straight away.

This skirt came together so quickly and was so gratifying to finish and wear. It is light and floaty. The drape of the fabric makes the skirt moves with a billowy feel. The lightness also catches even the slightest breeze as to keep the skirt always slightly dancing around my legs.

I love clothes that move like that. The sweet silhouette with a tiered design falls in pretty gathers to my calf. I am smitten with the wonderfully romantic and feminine aesthetic created by the combination of the stunning floral prints and gathers.

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