With Summer just around the corner (she says, optimistically!) I had a quick look through my wardrobe and noticed a distinct lack of decent T-shirts. Plenty of basics, but nothing a bit nicer so, when I spotted this colourful Jersey Fabric from Minerva Crafts, I ordered a couple of metres.

The bright stripes scream "Summer" to me - think deckchairs and all things nautical. I'm not one to shy away from bright colours!

I've made Tilly's "Coco" Pattern several times, but usually as a dress, however, there is a T-shirt length option as well which is what I wanted.

With stripes this obvious, matching up is essential, so I was careful to line the front and back up at the same place on the fabric.

Although I planned to do most of the construction on my overlocker, I put a ball point needle in my sewing machine for the hems and neckline.

Hmmm - not what I needed! The zig zag was skipping stitches and pulling gathers, so I unpicked it, put a fresh needle in and tried again.

That's better.

I matched the thread to the colour stripe it was being stitched on, so I had several reels of thread on the go.

With the first fitting on my dressform, the beautiful draping quality of the jersey became very clear. It's a very fine, soft texture and feels beautiful against the skin.

Pattern matching at the side seams was made easier by the wide and obvious stripes. The fabric hadn't shifted at all whilst being cut out and was lovely to work with.

Sleeves went in next. I had played around with the pattern pieces until I had the stripes I wanted showing on the sleeves - cutting two identical sleeves out.

Again, I matched the top thread to the colour stripe it was being sewn on.

Finally, just the bottom hem and side slits to go, but then....


There was a fault in the fabric that I hadn't noticed when cutting out as it must have been on the underside. The black stripe hadn't been printed properly and was white towards the edge.

This is the other side split and what it should look like.

Unfortunately there was nothing I could do about it because there wasn't enough fabric left to re-cut the whole front.

Anyway, finally finished, here's a selfie taken in the landing mirror.

I'm happy with that pattern matching!

The husband came back in time to take a few photos, so here are a few full length ones for you.

I added a couple of inches to the length when cutting out, so the T-shirt would be just long enough to cover my bum.

All in all, it's a great top and I don't think anyone will even notice the flaw in the fabric - you can't see it in any of these photos.

Yes, bring on the sun - I feel all Summery with the white trousers and clogs!