The Deer and Doe Reglisse Dress Pattern caught my eye as soon as I started considering what I wanted to make for my next Minerva Crafts project. I decided to sew it up in a lightweight Cotton Lawn Fabric. This is my first time using cotton lawn and I didn’t have a bit of trouble! I sprayed it with a light mist of spray starch as I was ironing the fabric to make it less shifty as I cut out the pattern pieces. It also helped the fabric hold pressing lines very well.

The cotton lawn is much lighter than the quilting cottons I normally make my dresses out of, so I am excited to wear it this summer when it gets quite hot! I do recommend using a thinner needle and pay attention to your tension. I had to loosen my needle tension quite a bit in order to get an even stitch.

Going off of the measurement chart, I decided to make the size 40. But next time I will need to go up a size. I have to struggle to get the dress over my shoulders/bust. Once on, it fits beautifully! But I am worried that one of these days I’ll be pulling it on and. . .


There’s a big hole in my dress. I’ll have to be careful to never put it on when I’m in a rush! I love everything about the dress, but I don’t want to be terrified of ruining it every time I wear it.

The main issue is in the waistband. I actually had to re-cut it because my first attempt was FAR too tight. I cut it slightly longer and wider. I also used more than the instructed 4 rows of shirring elastic. I hand wound my bobbin with the elastic thread and used normal thread in the needle. Shirring elastic is so. much. fun. It feels like magic!  

I did a sort of spiral effect with mine by starting about ?” away from the edge of the fabric, and then just going around and around in a circle until I got to the other side. This made it super simple! I didn’t have to stop a bazillion times and then make sure the elastic thread hadn’t bounced back into the bobbin. And when I ran out of elastic thread halfway through, I re-wound my bobbin, did a couple backstitches and was off again!

The only other change I made was to add 6 inches of length to the skirt. At 5’ 9”, the 19” skirt was never going to be sufficient. Now the skirt is right at my knee which is my favorite length. If you are tall, I would wholeheartedly recommend adding some length. Especially since this dress is designed for floatier fabrics! I will be wearing a slip under mine so that there will be less risk of flashing innocent bystanders.

I did have a bit of difficulty with the collar. The instructions are sparse to say the least. I didn’t realize that there is a sewalong post on the Deer and Doe French blog until it was too late. So don’t look too closely at the inside of my collar. It’s pretty bad. . . But I am worried that the fabric wouldn’t stand up to all ripping out all the sewing I did to try to make it look good.

For my next one, I want to try View B with the button front. I don’t think I will make it a functional button band. I’ll probably just sew the buttons through all the layers. I have a gorgeous yellow swiss dot fabric that I think will be amazing stitched up into a Reglisse. It has been in my stash for a couple of years waiting for the perfect pattern to come along. And I think I’ve found it!