I love wearing denim – particularly as summer starts turning more autumnal (or let’s be honest when we have a particular rainy or unpredictable summertime… not mentioning any names… 2016). 

As part of my on-going pursuit for the perfect denim skirt I decided to give my New Look skirt pattern another go, this time with a lovely light denim. The pattern is fairly straightforward (and even better second time round) and it really suited the weight of my denim fabric. I decided to keep my raw edges on show which I really like, and the final fit on this was much much better.

True to form I couldn’t resist a little off-pattern action so I also added some patch pockets on the front, again making the most of the raw edges as a design feature. These were drawn freehand, hemmed on three sides and then sewn into place, with a little extra reinforcement at the top of each corner.

Truly bitten by the sewing bug, and still with my gorgeous William Morris Brer Rabbit fabric (unfortunately now sold out at Minerva) to use up I decided to make a summery top too. For this I adapted a pattern from A Beautiful Mess which basically comprises of two squares for the front and back of your top and then creating casing at the neckline through which you can feed ribbon, or a fabric strip to create a gathered neckline and straps. As the design looked waaay more boxy on me than I had hoped I decided to create another gathering point at my waist. I folded the fabric up under itself the whole way round the top, sewed along this to create a tube and then looped more ribbon through to tie at the back – a much better shape on me. I quite like the stark black ribbon (it’s actually bunting tape!!) against the fabric but I might switch this up to a more subtle colour at some point.

I am so in love with the pattern of this fabric – it’s really beautiful and detailed without being too over the top so I hope I can get lots of wear from this top when I head to Vietnam later this month!