I’m so excited to share with you my first “official” Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post and I can’t wait to share my monthly creations with you going forward.
For my first project I chose my fabric without a real plan in mind (I know, living life on the edge). I loved this beautiful Fabric as soon as I laid eyes on it, and being Art Gallery I knew that the quality wouldn’t disappoint.
My fabric of choice was the Art Gallery Fabrics Denim Studio Collection Vice Versa Chambray denim (phew that was a mouthful), its priced at £23.99pm but the quality is so worth it. But I couldn’t decide what to make, you know how it is when you love a fabric that much you don’t wan’t to cut into it incase it doesn’t work out.
After lots of thought, and lots of mind changing, I decided that I wanted something different in my wardrobe, and I didn’t own a single “tent style” dress, and I needed (ok wanted) one in my life.
This fabric is just perfect for this style of dress, it has some structure but also has beautiful drape and a lovely soft feel.
I left this project really late in the day for an outfit that I wanted for a hen doo day out in Manchester, and when I say left it late in the day I mean 7pm the night before, I was getting the train at 10.30am the following morning, but I enjoy a challenge.
I had already pre-washed and pressed the fabric, and I’d also pre taped and cut the sewing pattern, so it was literally a case of cutting out the fabric and getting straight to the sewing.
The fabric cut out really well (no slipping about at all) and sewed like an absolute dream too. The dress is very simple in design with a self lined babydoll bodice, inset 3/4 sleeves and the tent skirt, oh and it has in seam pockets too.
I decided to add a little interest by inserting lace into the seamline of the bodice/skirt, to me this just makes it a bit more special.
The back of the dress has no awkward closures, it just closes with a hook and eye.
I also love how well the weight of the skirt makes the dress drape so beautifully.
And just look at this for swing-ability!!
The only thing that I was not over the moon about was that the length is a little on the short side, I did debate whether it was too short to wear without tights, but then thought what the heck! Well, actually I did wear a pair of shorts underneath just incase of a Marilyn moment.
It fits very well with the exception of the arm hole, it’s a tiny bit snug in this area, but it is still perfectly wearable and it does give as you are wearing it.
Finally, I finished my dress with a hand made label, to make this I just used the free motion embroidery method on my machine, you can view a really quick video on how to do this here.
It was all finished within a few hours and I was able to wear it for my hen doo day out, yay!
I had a tiny bit of the fabric left over, and I’m trying to use up all of my scraps at the moment, so decided to make myself some super cute knickers from it. I used the Ohhh LuLu Grace pattern which is great as you can combine woven (cut on the bias) and knit fabrics like I have here, and they are so comfy.
So that is it, my first official Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post, I hope that you enjoyed it. I can’t recommend this fabric highly enough, and I will definitely be making this pattern again but I think that I will lengthen it a little and enlarge the arm hole ever so slightly.
Happy sewing and I look forward to sharing my creation with you next month.