Well hello there, and a very merry Christmas to you!  I'm very pleased to be able to show you my latest dress made for the Blogger Network - my dinosaur dungaree dress!
This dinosaur print Canvas Fabric is called Dinosauria, made by Art Gallery Fabrics, and is classed as a heavy weight fabric.  It is 100% cotton and although it is sturdy it feels soft.  I thought it would be a fun alternative to using denim.
I used my trusty Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Pattern to turn this fabric into a dungaree dress.  I needed 1.5m to make the dress in the longer length.  I've used this pattern 4 times before, and I'm still not done with it.  I have two sizes traced off, and I opted for the larger size this time, which I shouldn't have done, really.  I might take it in, but then again, I might not!
I also fully lined the dress with some charcoal grey Lining Fabric.  Last time I lined a Cleo, I underlined it, and still used a facing.  This time, I used the facing pattern piece for iron on interfacing, which I applied to the wrong side of the main fabric, and then I lined the dress with a separate lining which is only attached at the top of the dress.  I'm pleased with how this turned out, and I prefer it to the underlining method.  Plus, it was easier, so, win.
I cut the front on the fold rather than as two pieces, as the centre front seam is a design feature that works best with plain fabrics.  I wanted all three pockets on the front, and decided to feature the triceratops on each pocket.  I used these Dungaree Clips as I liked the idea of using black fastenings.  They are quite narrow though, my straps only just fit in.  I used black Jeans Buttons to go with them, and they work together really well.
One of my favourite things about this dress is the way the fabric is fairly muted, but you can really make it pop by what you wear with it.  I also like the excuse to wear my T-Rex necklace that I bought to wear to my best friend's wedding - it makes me smile to think of the happy couple and the lovely wedding they had.
I love my new dress, and I'm packing it to take with me for Christmas! Thank you to Minerva for the brilliant supplies.