Mushrooms are a wonderful, whimsical piece of décor that can look as cultured or as fantastical as you like. Whether gourmet chantarelles or little Smurf houses, mushrooms look lovely all year round. Just use different styling to make them seasonal!

To make your own mushroom display you’ll need:

Start with the stem. Pull a wad of grey roving and tear into shorter lengths. Criss-cross length wise and roll into a cucumber shape between your palms.

Place the stem onto the felting mat and use the felting needle to work the roving. Pull the stem away from the mat and rotate as you felt. It’s normal for the wool to stick to the mat and fuzz when it’s pulled away.

When the stem starts feeling solid, hold carefully and felt to get rid of the fuzz. Add more roving as necessary until the stem is roughly the size and shape you want.

For a finishing touch, use thin strips of roving to wrap the stem and felt into place until smooth. Add more roving if needed to cover up any patchy or lumpy areas. I used white over grey for the large mushroom.

The stem is complete!

Start the mushroom head as you did the stem, this time work the roving into a rough disc. Felt into a circular shape, adding in size until it is in proportion to the stem.

Be sure to pull away the disc from the mat as you work, felting through each side. Add roving until the disc is a couple millimetres thick.

Finish the head by felting a thicker, smaller disc in a different colour. I used a mix of grey and light brown for a natural look.

When the top is complete, flip it over and felt the white disc onto it. Working the white disc at the end helps keep the base colour solid, without fibres of the other colours showing through.

To attach, place the top onto the stem and felt through the centre. Cover with extra roving if the dent is too deep.

Pierce a length of wire through the stem until it just reaches the head. (Don’t pierce all the way through.) Cut the wire 1-2cm from the end.

If you don’t have or want to use wire, simply work more roving onto the base until it is wide enough at the base to stand on its own.

Repeat the process in all shapes, sizes, and colours for a simple and effective look. Packaging or floral foam is perfect for creating a display – I used some to stand the mushrooms as I worked.

For a moody spring display, I used 2cm thick foam as a base and covered it with a piece of 2mm brown felt. After standing the mushrooms as shown – piercing the wire through the felt and foam – I used spare brown roving to add to the woodland, whimsical look.

A pillar candle holder and cast iron birds finished off the natural and understated look. Little yellow chicks or quails eggshells would be perfect for Easter.

Other mushroom ideas:

  • Hanging bright red fly agaric inspired mushrooms for Christmas

  • Stout green and red mushrooms for the gamer geek in your life

  • Realistic gourmet mushrooms for the enthusiastic cook

  • Large stems with little doors for a fantasy theme