I love the whimsical, earthy look of imperfect wire work. These decorative wire baskets are architectural and rustic, and take advantage of earthy colours to achieve a woodland look. 
Habico Deco Wire is so easy to work with and soft enough to bend with your fingers. If you’re new to wire, this is a tactile and beginner-friendly project to get started.  
To make your own basket you’ll need: 
Raffia, I’m using King Cole in Woodland 
Optional: Pliers 
To start, cut four 10 lengths of 1mm brown wire. Find the centre of two lengths and twist them together at the centre. Twist 2-3 times to marry the wire into place. 
Repeat for the other pair. 
Using a short length of gold wire, wrap once around the centre of a brown pair. 
This is when you might want to use a pair of pliers. 
Wrap the gold wire around again, this time over the second brown pair. Keep wrapping the gold wire around to hold the brown wires in place. 
Trim the ends of the gold wire to flatten the work. The centre will become the bottom of the basket. 
Cut approximately one metre of the gold wire. Grasp it at the centre of the work and rotate around, weaving through the brown wires.  
As there are an even number of brown wires, to weave the gold wire I went over one and under one brown leg. As you complete a round, skip one and continue with the every other pattern. Alternating the pattern will make the basket sturdier. Otherwise, the same legs will always be under or over.  
Wrap tightly for the first few rounds then start to spiral the wire more loosely to create the sides. Try to keep the brown wires at equal points around the centre. 
When you’re happy with the size of the base, bend the wires upward and continue spiralling the gold wire.  
Keep spiralling upward, keeping the base flat and brown wires at even distances. 
When the gold wire runs out you should have about 1-1.5 of spare brown wire at the top. Measure the circumference (or eyeball it!) and cut a slightly longer length of 2mm thick brown wire.  
Bend the 2mm wire into a circle the size of the basket. This will be the rim. 
Use the spare 1mm wire to wrap around the 2mm rim and hold it in place. Repeat for all eight wires. 
All finished, in all its wonky whimsical glory!  
For a finishing touch, cut a length of raffia and tie around the basket rim to create a handle. To use the basket for smaller items, fill it with some scrunched up raffia.  
A few ideas to take away with you: 
Create a wire basket to fit around your favourite vase for a rustic touch 
A set of three baskets in different heights and shapes would make a quick display
Hang a few from your Christmas tree and fill with little presents