I work from home running my Etsy store, and most days the only other person that will see me is the postman and he's quite used to my 'work uniform' of grey jogging bottoms and a T-shirt. Despite the fact I'm working all day, I still feel quite lazy just for dressing this way, but whenever I dressed 'for the office' I just felt uncomfortable - work clothing might look the part but you can't beat an elasticated waistband!

So when I saw the New Look 6420 Pattern I was immediately drawn to the trousers made from knit fabric. The pintuck down the centre of each leg brings these trousers a formal look, whilst still promising the comfort of a stretchy pair of pyjama bottoms. The plan was to make a selection of 'smart casual' trousers for work which were actually secret pyjamas, and I think I've found a great pattern.

To jazz up my wardrobe, I decided to make a pair in this lovely Dogtooth Ponte Roma Fabric, available here at Minerva Crafts. The fabric is so soft and supple yet still structured enough to add shape to the trousers where they hang off the body. The print was a little larger than I previously expected, but I am still very happy with the size of the print, especially now that the garment is made.

I'm surprised at the speed at which I made these trousers, I got very distracted by Netflix whilst making them (as always!) and I finished them in about 2 hours. I think the sizing is almost perfect, I'm a size 14 and found the pattern true to size. However the trousers were a bit baggy around the knees and calves, but this is a problem I have with a lot of clothing, which is why I prefer skinny leg trousers usually. As a result, I wasn't a fan of this pattern at it's intended length, so I decided to make a cropped version, and I'm pleased with the results. I cut about 12 inches off the pattern, but if I could do it again I'd probably cut off 10 inches and taper the trousers a bit below the knee.

Now I have a year of sewing experience, I didn't feel the need to glance at the instructions much. This is probably just as well, as on closer inspection they are quite vague. There were no written instructions on when to add the elastic to the casing, the elastic is only mentioned when you need to cut it to fit the waist and then stitch the ends together. By this point in the construction, the casing is already in place and the elastic could not be inserted into the casing if it is stitched together. This could cause frustration for anyone new to sewing, which is a shame especially as this sort of pattern is perfect for beginners otherwise.

Overall, I am quite pleased with my new secret pyjamas. I'd like to make some plain versions, perhaps in black and navy blue as these would compliment my wardrobe more than this striking pair, but I do love the way the dogtooth pattern can liven up a plain black top into a cute, pin-up inspired look. If you made this pattern, would you stick with the regular length or would you go for a cropped style? What colour would you make them? Let me know in the comments below!