If you haven’t come across the stardust range of gauze fabrics from Atelier Brunette, where have you been? I’ve been absolutely smitten with this beautiful range of fabrics since I first laid eyes on them. I’ve previously used the Forest Green colour way to make a Deer and Doe Myostosis dress and it’s one of my favourite makes of all time. This range of fabrics is so beautiful and unique, I can’t get enough of it, gauze is so wonderfully soft yet with a decent amount of body and drape. It’s super easy to work with, being a woven cotton, and the little golden embroidered dots all over to create the  ‘stardust’ are simply, magical. And so, when the opportunity to sew something up with another colour way of this stunning fabric, I couldn’t say ‘YES!’ quick enough. This time, I opted for the Chestnut version, which is a beautifully rich rusty orange colour (a shade which is super in vogue right now too).

I thought for a while about what garment I wanted to create with this fabric. I wanted to do it justice, and also be left with an item of clothing that would get a lot of wear and be easily wearable and versatile. Originally I pondered a top, perhaps a Roscoe Blouse by True Bias, but in the end I decided a dress would get more wear, especially as we start to transition into spring and then summer.

I was looking through recent pattern releases when I stumbled upon the new range by Papercut Patterns. I was instantly drawn to the Sequence dress and blouse. I love the wrap detailing, this usually works well for my pear shaped figure, and I was intrigued by the minimalist construction details. There appeared to be not a single dart. I thought that that could mean two things - either I get the relaxed, yet put together chic look that I wanted to go for or, and it’s a big or, I would look like I was wearing an unshapely meterage of fabric wrapped around my body. The daydream of the ultimate laid-back couture chic was a strong one and so I decided to bite the bullet. 

When the fabric arrived I gave it a quick prewash and was as suspected, smitten with the beauty of this cloth. I couldn’t wait to get started on my new dress! The pattern comes on big sheets of thicker than usual brown paper and I find it great to cut out and work with as it’s not too delicate. I went for a size 6 and the top of the dress, grading out to a size 7 from the waist down. This was simple enough to do - I just drew a line to smoothly connect the two size lines. I was a little worried as I had a little less fabric than the pattern suggested i needed for my size, but I managed to fit all the pieces on the folded fabric with ease. There aren’t too many pattern pieces to content with and there’s a handful of options for the ties. I went for the narrow ties as I wanted to stick with the minimalist vibe. The bodice and neckline are finished with a facing, which I prefer to sew than bias-bound necklines and I think gives a lovely neat finish. Interfacing was needed for the facing pieces but that is all the preparation that’s necessary.

The construction is really simple and straightforward. I did find that the instructions were a little sparse and a beginner sewist may struggle to construct the dress to a high standard without being able to read between the lines. For instance, the instructions do not mention having to gather the sleeves to ease them into the armhole, but it is clearly a necessary step as without gathering stitches and some ease, the sleeve would not set in smoothly. 

Overall, the construction was quicker than I had anticipated and was a really fun sew. I must admit that I was worried when sewing it as without any darts or bust shaping, it did look a little big and unshapely. However, to say I was surprised when I tried the dress on would be an understatement, I absolutely loved it! It’s a little loose fitting and relaxed, but I totally think that works for this dress. I love the length, surprisingly, and the wrap sits perfectly for me without even needing to add a snap. One thing I may change if I were to make another would be to take some volume from the sleeves, or perhaps try a different sleeve such as the sleeve from the Myostosis dress - I think that would pair wonderfully, 

I’m really happy with the result of this dress. I think the fabric, colour and pattern work great together and I am over the moon with the laid-back-chic vibe. Im also please fly surprised at its versatility- it looks great on its own with sandals in warmer weather, but it is equally as good in cooler weather layered over a roll neck, tights and boots. I can’t wait to get some wear out of my new dress!