Hi again
I’m back this month with a make for my Little Miss. We’d recently gone shopping for her, after a recent growth spurt and I found it really difficult getting her trousers/leggings to fit! Until recently she’s always been built like a prima ballerina but suddenly she’s growing stronger and has developed something of a pot belly. Trousers that fit her at the waist were too long in the leg. Mummy to the rescue!
I’ve been wanting to sew jeans for myself for a while and I live in a pair of RTW jeggings I bought a couple of years ago which are now wearing thin. The Eleanore pull on pants Sewing Pattern by Jalie are brilliant in that they’re sized from a girls age 2 right through up to women’s 42” waist. That’s us both sorted then! They’re a straight leg, but would be incredibly simple to turn into a slimmer fit or even a boot cut. There is also the option for shorter Capri length, making them really quite versatile. 
The pattern calls for a stretch woven with at least 20% stretch. However, as I wanted this first pair to be very much jeggings and as comfortable and as easy to pull on as possible for her, I opted to make this pair out of a denim look Ponte Fabric. I really like working with Ponte as it’s so easy to sew. I’ve used this same fabric in a different colourway recently to make a pair of joggers in, so I felt sure it would work well. I also thought it would be a good way to familiarise myself with the pattern before opting for a more expensive stretch woven. 
To keep them looking as jeans like as possible I also added blackened Bronze Rivets to the pockets. This little Prym rivet kit handily comes with a device to snap them into place (you’ll need a hammer!) if you haven’t got a set of Prym Pliers. I have the pliers though; they really are an essential part of my sewing kit and I highly recommend them (great for adding snaps too!)
I cut according to her hip measurement but graded out at the waist and cut a larger sized waistband. 
The Jalie pull ons are incredibly easy to sew! The instructions are very clear plus there is also a sewalong video available on the web which makes them a total breeze. The waistband for example couldn’t be any simpler! You sew the elastic to the waistband, fold it over and sew it on (the stitching’s only visible from the inside). The pattern calls for one inch Waistband Elastic. However, when I make my own pair I’ll definitely be opting for 1.5” to help keep things nice and flat in that area! 
I like the way the seams are topstitched which gives them an authentic flat felled seam look without that bother! The front pockets are faux although Jalie have now added a little expansion pack so you can addd real front pockets too, which I’ll certainly be doing next time. If you wanted to make these even simpler, you could redraw your front trouser pieces to avoid having to sew on the fake pocket (the front yoke piece) and simply topstitch the shape on the front. However, I opted to sew them in.
Another thing I did to keep things simple is use Wonder Tape whilst making the back patch pockets. This stuff is great, I used it here to keep my pressed seams in place whilst I topstitched them on. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a double sided tape that washes clean away! I use it constantly holding things in place, like zips and pockets.
I think once you’ve nailed the fit of these, they could be sewn up in no time. My Little One tried them on at the basting stage; the plan was to narrow the leg to make them a slim fit Capri style but she was adamant she liked them the way they were. The fit was fairly good over her bottom and hips and since she’s the one who has to wear them, I let her win that battle (well, sort of, I did taper them in a little, removing an inch width in total, but don’t tell her that! They’re only just long enough like this though!) I strongly recommend that after you’ve sewn the two front pieces and two back pieces together, you then baste the rest and try them on so you can easily adjust the fit if needed. The leg pieces are pretty straight so in terms of determining length, if you think you may need to shorten them, this is also something you can determine at this stage, rather than shortening the pattern from the outset. 
I’m considering these as a starting point; looking at the pictures I need to topstitch the waistband seam down and I’ll need to tweak the pattern further for her ‘proper’ denim pair but it’s been a great learning exercise and has helped clarify and demystify some of the trouser fitting process – especially when your bottom half varies so widely in terms of sizing! 
That’s it! The pattern itself is incredibly simple and a really useful introduction to jeans making. Making them in Ponte means she’s as happy as anything in them! Now it’s my turn for a pair in proper stretch denim!
Thanks once again for sending me the great supplies Minerva! 
Sarah x