Hello all! For the entirety of my (admittedly short) life I have coveted a soft snuggly onesie to curl up on the sofa in. Luckily Minerva Crafts had the perfect Fleece Fabric to make the snuggly onesie of dreams, so that's what I chose for my February make. 
I had no pattern to work from, so I used my True Bias Hudson Pant Pattern as a base for the trouser portion of the outfit and used an existing hoody as a base for the top half of the jumpsuit. I used the largest size of the Hudsons because this fleece has no stretch to it. Honestly, didn't have to go from the smallest right to the biggest. I probably would have been fine somewhere in the middle. I then did a fair bit of maths to work out how long I wanted the body to be. 
That maths turned out to be wrong so I ended up having to make some adjustments after it was all cut out. The tricky part was deciding how baggy I wanted the crotch to be. I wanted to be able to wear leggings underneath so there needed to be room for that, but I didn't want the crotch to be around my knees. I removed 2-3 inches of the length out of the body from the shoulders, which had the unfortunate effect of shortening the legs. I didn't have enough fabric left to add some cuffs so they remain 'cropped' in length. The legs were all twisted and nasty when I tried the onesie on for the first time so I ripped open the leg seams and re-pinned until they fit properly. The big quilt pins are the best for this fabric because the tiny metal ones get lost in the pile really easily. 
The hood is my favourite part and is keeping my ears toasty warm right now. I wish that I'd had enough fabric to line the hood because this fleece sheds like crazy and every time I put my hood down my hair is full of little bits of fluff. I'm hoping that after a wash it will shed as much as it will and that my hair will stay fluff free. The arm and leg hems are elasticated to keep me as insulated as possible so that no stray breezes waft in. My only fit issue (apart from the hem length) is that it's a bit tight around the back crotch when I bend over so next time I'd add a bit more fabric to that area. If it becomes a big issue I'll add a cheeky gusset to aid flexibility. 
As for the fabric, it might be the softest thing I have ever touched and is a bit like wearing a fluffy cloud. It was quite bulky to sew, and I found accuracy to be more difficult as a result of that. It needed my hand behind the sewing machine helping to pull the fabric through. It doesn't fray, which is a plus point, but the fluff does get everywhere. It's not the most grown up of fabrics, or in fact the most grown up silhouette, but the elephants make me happy. Wearing this onesie just makes me want to dance, and really, what more can you ask of an item of clothing?

Thanks for reading to Bethan for taking the photos, to MK for trimming off my loose threads and to Minerva Crafts for providing the supplies for this onesie,

Lauren xx