Hi Everyone, 
Ok so I have a lot to talk about this month. This make is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but didn’t feel like I was at that level yet. It’s JEANS! Yes the dreaded fitted jeans. ‘Fit' is something I’m still working on with my dressmaking, and I’m not 100% confident in doing it. So making a pair of jeans was terrifying! But I needn’t have worried and if you want to make a pair yourself, I’m going to tell you all about it. 
The pattern I chose was the new Megan Nielsen Pattern Dawn Jeans. They’re all over Instagram and I love that there are 4 styles in one pattern. I measured myself loads and triple checked my sizing. I made one very small adjustment to my hip size and that was it, so that stage wasn’t too tricky.  Also it’s worth noting, you use rigid denim for this pattern, so they are ‘exactly’ your size when finished, so they may feel a little tight, but with wear they’ll soften and shape around you. 
I took to my favourite source for inspiration before making; Pinterest. The style of jean I wanted to make was the wide leg version, mainly because I don’t own a pair of wide leg jeans, but also because they keep popping up on social media and I think they look really cool. I also love the new trend of embroidered denim, so wanted to incorporate some of my little free motion designs in this make as well. 
The instructions and construction of these jeans are very well thought out and clear. I didn’t struggle with any part, so my advice is just to take your time with it. It took me in total about one and a half days to make. I didn’t use contrasting thread, mainly because I was a little worried about messing up my first go, so just used blended thread and I’m actually really happy with the simple look of them. I also recommend you use Denim Needles as some parts are very thick and you will definitely need the extra strength and point shape. 
Because the pattern is meant for rigid denim I used this amazing 14oz Heavy Cotton Denim Fabric in Indigo Blue. Its such amazing quality and a dream to sew with. I did pre wash it, just incase the dye bled into the embroidery I was planning. But these are now going to be my ‘handwash only jeans’ as I really want them to last. Did you know you should never machine wash denim! I didn’t and never knew why my jeans would slowly mis-shape and not fit me anymore. 
When it came to the embroidery parts, I actually did these before sewing the jean pieces together. I only added details to the front left leg and back pockets. The text I printed out and traced and the other shapes I sketched out (apart from the French as my drawing looked awful!). I could have carried on for hours adding fun motifs and wording, but I was tight for time and thought a little bit would [hopefully] go a long way. 
So my summary; if you’ve ever been scared of making jeans, try this pattern and tick a huge dream off your list! The denim I used was so easy to sew and I really like the colour and texture of it, so highly recommend. Take your time with this one, it’ll be worth it. 
I hope you like what I made this month. I’m not sure if I can pull these trousers off, but I’m willing to wear them a lot to persuade myself! I will definitely be making them again, I think I’d like the tapered version in a pale denim and maybe a wide leg cropped version in cord? - which means more fabric shopping! Yippee! 
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Sew__Jessalli / jessalli.co.uk