About 2 years ago I bought my first underwire bra pattern - it was the Marlbourough by Orange lingerie. Since then I have acquired a couple more, but only now I have finished fitting the Marlborough.

You see, there were a few failed attempts since then, and every time I needed time to recover between tries or just got distracted with other projects. Other, more diligent people might need only weeks, even days for what took me 2 years, so if you’ve never sewn a bra don’t get discouraged by my casual attitude towards it :D

The pattern size chart said I was 36B. After a quick mock-up I knew that was going to be too small. A root trace and a test band told me I needed a 38 wire so I made a 36C which was too small. I went up to 36D which at the time I thought it was too big. Then I found out about swoop and scoop and the 36D was actually too small. My final version is a slightly modified 34DDD using a 40 wire which matches my root trace perfectly so there's no spring, but I wanted the wire to go higher at the side, and this one is actually more comfortable than the 38. I;ve also lowered the strap attachment point and split the lower cup for a more rounded shape which my bottom-full breasts needed.

After finalising the fit I was itching to make a truly beautiful lingerie set. I’ve seen a few embroidered beauties out there that I was trying to recreate. I found this beautiful embroidered lace in the Minerva shop which I immediately put on my wishlist for this month’s project. The lace is photographe on a light background so I was a bit surprised by how dark it actually was when I got it. I even ordered beige mesh and fold over elastic but then decided that black would be a better match.

That mesh is stretchier than what I’d normally use but it would work great in a double layer. I actually don;t have any nude bras so they will come in handy soon.

The embroidery on the lace looks so good! The colours are rich and vibrant, they really do stand out against the dark background.

I lined the cups with white tricot, but I’ve seen another bra made in this fabric lined with black and I think the colours pop even more with a darker background.

To complete the set I made the Binky panties, I love that cut out detail and even though I had a pants pattern that fit me I decided to buy this one instead of trying to figure it out myself. The lace has quite a bit of stretch to it so I was able to use it for the front panel. I also lined that are with plain mesh.

I love that I can now make lots of beautiful sets to fill up my drawers. Bras and pants take very little fabric - I actually have enough for another bra left. I started with half a meter of lace and I cut into it quite chaotically trying to match the design on each side. I couldn’t make completely mirrored cups but they ended up looking symmetrical.

After mastering this pattern I have two left to conquer so I might come back with another set soon. I hope you liked this one!