I have spent the last month settling my family into our new house and the children into their new schools. We are loving the clean air and the extra space the new house offers us, however it needs quite a bit of work and we have all been sleeping in the living room whilst the bedrooms are re-plastered and painted. 

In two weeks, we shall have shiny new bedrooms to sleep in, so I have been making the children some cute wall decorations for their rooms.

I started with an embroidery wall hanging for Minty, which is really cute but made with just 4 simple embroidery stitches.

Back Stitch

French Knot

Woven Wheel

Running Stitch

What you will need:

Linen Evenweave Cross Stitch Fabric in Grey

DMC Stranded Cotton Embroidery Thread Template Marking Pencil I used: Grey (168), White (Blanc), Red (304), Orange (3853), Yellow (444), Green (470), Blue (517), Purple (552).

Template Marking Pencil

Embroidery Hoop Frame

Cross Stitch Needle

The Linen Evenweave Cross Stitch Fabric has a very fine and tight weave so I used a thin cross stitch needle I could so that it wouldn't distort the fabric too much and leave visable holes.

The embroidery thread comes with 6 strands twisted together. Except where stated otherwise, I used three strands for all of the stitches created.

I started by drawing the basic outline onto the fabric. This becomes much easier once the fabric is held tort in the embroidery hoop.

You can use use these stitches to make any pattern in any colour but I want to make a sweet happy cloud with rainbow rain-drops.

I used the grey embroidery thread to sew a Back Stitch around the edge of the cloud.

Back stitch is a simple stitch where stitches are sewn backwards to the direction of the sewing.

Once I have sewn the edge of the cloud, I used the white thread to make French Knots to fill in and define the shape of the cloud and to add texture. This is such a fun stitch and much easier than you might think.

Pull the thread through the material. Wrap the thread around the needle twice and push the needle back into the material, ensuring to keep the thread tort. You will be left with this gorgeous little knot. It is a great stitch to add detail to flowers.

I thought that the cloud needed a sleepy little face so I used the template pencil to draw on a rough guide.

I used the Back Stitch to sew the eyes and mouth.

The Woven Wheel Stitch is perfect to make little round cheeks.  

You start with 5 spokes (you can use more but it must be an odd number), pull the thread into the middle of the star shape and then begin to weave the thread in and out of the spokes. Work your way around the spokes until they are full.

When making the cheeks I only used 1 strand of the embroidery thread, to make the cheeks more delicate and not as prominent as the rest of the face.

Then lastly I created the rain drops using a simple Running Stitch.

I am so happy with how the little wall hanging has turned out and I can't wait until Minty's bedroom is ready to hang it up.