Long sleeves and the ability to be perpetually tucked in… I really needed no further persuasion. Long sleeves are one of my favourite things about the cold months, which we definitely are heading for rapidly so it felt like the right time to switch to making for the winter months. Rowan by Megan Nielsen is a pattern that contains the options for tops or bodysuits with various necklines and sleeve lengths included. Now, I wear a lot of bodysuits (I really do love the tucked in look) but I have never made one before so I was excited to give one a try.

Now for anyone who has seen some of my previous makes I am well known to love a bonkers print and this one totally fulfils that brief. I mean, I’m actually not sure bonkers is a strong enough for this one… its joyously crackers. The moment I saw it, it brought such a smile to my face which makes it the perfect choice for this bodysuit. The quality of the fabric is lovely, it’s got a great thickness (not see-through) and a lovely soft feel to it. Most importantly for this make it has a 4 way stretch and a great recovery… this is important for comfort as you want to make sure for a bodysuit that it can stretch down the body as well as across, but also that its going to remain tight and not stretch out of shape.

When it came to cutting out with this fabric, the print is very linear which is important to ensure is lined up correctly to avoid the make looking skewwhiff. So, for the front I ensured the centre of the donuts were lined up along the fold (it doesn’t matter which image you choose provided its consistent along the fold). I repeated this for the back, and then on the sleeves made sure the top and bottom of the grainline marking were running along the same image. All of this probably sounds like I’m explaining to ensure that you’re on the grain, but what I find with prints like this (especially actual stripes) is that sometimes the true grain of the fabric isn’t along the print so I would always follow the print over the true grain in this instance as the finished garment will look better for it.

I chose the V-neck version from the pattern and was so impressed by how well the instructions talk you through how to do this. This neckline is definitely the trickiest neckline option from the pattern, but the series of steps to make it work make it so simple to follow and make it look great.

Once the neckline is done, the sleeves attach using a flat construction method, before the sides are then sewn up. Then you’re at the next tricky bit… the bottom of the bodysuit where it poppers together. And again, I was so impressed by the instructions because they were so clear. Elastic goes around the curved section, very similarly to if you were making a pair of knickers. There is then a pair of facings that go on the front and back that the poppers then go onto.

The poppers are a really interesting part of this as the pattern envelope states that you need “3 sew-in snaps” and yet when you get into the instructions it then says that you can also use press-on snaps… which is good because I’d already made the decision to use press-on snaps as I prefer them (it’s always nice when instructions agree with you though). The press-on snaps that I chose for this was the Millward Ring-top press fasteners, the reason being that these are particularly great for use on jersey fabric. They produce a really stable finish that can take a lot of force (and having already worn this I can report that the poppers are holding up brilliantly to the perpetual undoing and redoing required for bathroom visits). They press on so quickly and easily, much faster than a sew-in variety would be to apply and look so neat too… its why I like them.

My only complaint with this pattern is with the sizing… because my body measurements had me coming in at an XL, the largest size available. Now I don’t have any issues with being labelled XL, but given I generally wear a dress size 14 it’s not a very large top size and I think that’s a real shame. It’s such a great wardrobe basic that would suit every body shape and size so it’s disappointing that they aren’t more size inclusive. The size was however absolutely correct for my measurements.

I am however thrilled with my finished bodysuit. It fits beautifully, is really comfy and feels so fun in this crackers print. I’m already trying to figure out what other bold prints I can pair it with to create a totally eccentric clashing patterns look (one of my favourite things to do).