After the success of this pattern in a full length lilac faux sheepskin (click here for blog post), I rather fancied making a shorter one in this fabulous fabric from Minerva Crafts.

It's a double sided Fabric again, this time with a faux suede on one side and a faux fur on the other which is, quite frankly, the softest and most touchy-feely furry stuff I have ever come across. In fact, random strangers have succumbed to the irresistible urge to stroke my collar - if that frightens you, do not buy this fabric because it will happen to you!

So, this is the pattern and, once again, I omitted any references to facings in order to make the most of the fact that the fabric is double sided.

The instructions are very straightforward, so I'll just tell you about the changes I made. (Look at that collar!)

I top-stitched all of the seams for two good reasons: for aesthetics and to keep the, rather bulky, seams flat. On seeing this photo, I trimmed the excess fabric closer to the stitching for a neater finish.

I added a loop at the neckline to make hanging on a coat hook a practical option.

To ring the changes, this time I decided to to add a self-fabric belt instead of a button closure.

It was just a case of cutting a length of fabric about 2" wide, folding it right sides together and stitching close to the raw edges.

Of course, that meant also adding belt loops through which to feed (and store) the belt.

Simple to make, but easier to show in pictures rather than text, I made one for each side.

The sleeves were turned to the outside by about 1/2" and top-stitched in place, but they would look nice left unhemmed, too.

Nice, but.........

.........but I wanted - nay, needed, pockets.

See how lovely and surprisingly drapy the fabric is?

Having found the in-seam pockets on the pattern too far back, I opted to design my own in a patch-pocket style.

A little trial and error resulted in this five-sided design with a diagonal opening in which to thrust cold hands.

Remembering to reverse the template when cutting the second pocket, they were pinned in place then top-stitched.

That's better!

On a normal day I like wearing it with my stag's head dress and tights but, just to prove that it can be dressed up too, here it is on the Orient Express!

I may even make a third version in the cream colourway of the same fabric, but with the furry side out - but could I bear all that inevitable extra stroking???!