Over the last year or so I’ve slowly been redecorating and furnishing my new flat. As the major works approach their end, it’s time to get creative with the home furnishings. This month I’m making four scatter cushions from Minerva’s range of luxury faux furs. 
I wanted to make four contrasting but complementary cushions. The weights of fur involved vary quite a lot, some of these cushions now feel like pets, they’re so fluffy! The smallest of the cushions was in this long haired, warm cream fur. It’s so strokeable! In terms of sewing, this was a fairly challenging fabric. The long hairs need to be considered when cutting and sewing to avoid trimming through the pile or trapping it in a seam. 
I used good old sellotape to hold back the long pile from the scissors. I installed an invisible zip in each cushion cover, which proved extremely challenging on the deeper piled furs. I did a larger cushion in this subtly textured, cream fur. This was much easier to work with as the pile is quite short. 
This white patterned fur brings in some geometric shapes which are visible from one angle but not from another. It’s adds some real interest to the design and, again, this shorter pile was quick and easy to work with. 
Finally, this beast of a fur made up a longer, rectangular cushion. This is incredibly thick fabric and cast a lot of hair while cutting. It looks great but sewing through even two layers was nearly too much for my machine. Luckily I have adjustable foot pressure on my machine so I moved this to the lowest setting and that helped the fabric move through the machine. The fur itself is almost wolf-like and has a slight purple undertone. It’s very Game of Thrones—if you need a cloak, this is the fabric for you!
Working with faux furs can be a challenge but as a first-timer you can make the sensible choice to use lighter, shorter pile furs. Try to cut in small snips to avoid cutting through the pile and sellotape works well to hold back any long furs. Give it a go (and keep the DustBuster on hand!)
My fur journey continues next time, as I have finally found the perfect project for a certain fur I’ve had my eye on for years. Until then, happy sewing!