I know I’ve been gone for a bit but I’m back with a bang! Maybe? Sorta? I think I can call it that since I made a faux leather jacket! Let me tell you, that is no easy task. This is the Sewaholic Cordova Jacket, view A. This jacket doesn’t list Faux Leather (or leather) on the recommended fabrics but it does recommend heavy fabrics, so I figured why not give faux leather a try?

My measurements were 36-32-40 when I made this. According to Sewaholic that would put me at a size 10 (12 for the waist!) but I know Sewaholic jackets seem to run large and I wanted a fitted jacket. I made a muslin size 4 and that was super duper tight (DUH!). I will say that if I make this from a knit, the size 4 would be perfect. I decided to go two sizes up and make a size 8 for the final garment. No second muslin because who has time for that?! (Translation: I’m lazy)

Size 8 was a good fit but I should have sized down to a 6 for the top part because it feels a bit large. The other issue is the shoulders – they are way too wide. The size 4 muslin was just right but I wish I would have taken out about 1 inch on each side. The puffy sleeves only makes it look even wider.

This pattern has zero pockets. That being said, I had to add at least one pocket for my cell phone. On the inside lining I made a welt pocket with 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide. This way I can hide the phone easily and it doesn’t create any weird bulk. (It’s only halfway in the pocket for the picture)

The pattern itself is very easy, except the darn sleeve hem! I glued down the Faux Leather Fabric and rolled it with a leather creaser, then had to slip-stitch the lining to the faux leather. I hate slip-stitching – it is my nemesis! Slip-stitching on faux leather is even worse. Other than that, things went pretty smoothly. The faux leather was actually super easy to sew with, I just put the stitch length longer and used a leather needle. Remember – you can’t make any mistakes or else you’ll see the holes! The faux leather feels super high quality, I was really pleased with it.

This one took me a long time to make because I didn’t want to screw anything up. I also had a lot going on. The dog isn’t doing so well and isn’t going to be around much longer. I’ve been spending almost all my free time with him and nursing him back to health (as much as possible). On a bright note, he celebrated his 14th birthday on June 4! He’s such a great dog. I love you Guinness!

Overall great pattern and love the faux leather. I’ll be wearing this into the office since the air conditioning is on full blast during the summer. I can’t wait to make a version in ponte. Have you ever sewn faux leather or leather? What was your experience?