I usually choose my projects with a pattern in mind, and then I chose an appropriate fabric. But this time, it all started when I saw this gorgeous feathered jersey knit on Minerva’s instagram account. It’s a very light cream, almost white and it has golden feathers all over. The feathers are quite small so I don’t think this fabric is too glitzy to be worn during the day. I will definitely wear it! :)

Last weekend has been so miserable here, non-stop rain, I was so happy when the sun finally came out on Sunday afternoon. The perfect lighting for my new top!

The light cream fabric reminded me of the Friday Pattern Company Adrienne blouse pattern, which uses a similarly light fabric for the cover.

When I received the fabric I was very happy with my decision. The fabric is soft and drapey but has enough body to make a statement of those sleeves. It’s not too stretchy and doesn't curl a lot at the edges, so it was very easy to cut and sew. The feathers are like a golden layer bonded to the fabric, almost pleather like, but they are not big enough to cause issues, the presser foot ran smoothly along all seams.

Tha pattern only has 2 pieces and it’s very quick to whip up on a rainy afternoon. There is one pattern piece for both the front and back. I know a lot of knit patterns are like that and even RTW t-shirts, but it just didn’t feel right to me. So I decided to do an FBA for the front. That would also decrease the amount of negative ease. Because even though I went with L, the recommended size based on my measurements, the blouse would’ve been skin tight. The FBA added a bit more space around the bust and the waist.

I used this tutorial for a raglan top FBA, but removed the resulted neckline excess by sliding the side seam line in by the same amount. You can see here the back on top of the new front.

The FBA added a bit of length to the front, but the whole blouse was too long overall. The long length might have looked ok with skinny trousers, but I really liked the look on the pattern cover - short top with high waisted wide leg trousers. I had to chop off almost 4” all around. The side seams stick out now under the waist, I need to straighten the side seams a bit, they curve out too much too abruptly.

I remember when this pattern came out I wasn’t sure about the sleeves. I liked it, but the sleeves didn;t look very practical. As I;ve seen more and more versions of it online, I liked it more and more. I still don’t think it;s very practical, but I’m happy with having some fun pieces in my wardrobe as well. The only issue is I don’t know what I’m going to wear it with when it gets colder. I was thinking maybe a vest, someone suggested a fur one! Or something like a sleeveless trench? What would you wear it with?