Hi Everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the start of this perfect season. Here in Dorset the sun has been shining, so I’ve been very happy indeed. 

In my family summertime means birthdays. There are a lot of summer babies in my family, including me!

As well as birthdays, it’s also the time of year for parties, weddings and celebrations. So I’ve been looking at decorations. One item that stands out is the paper garland. It’s the easiest way to add colour, fun and decoration to any room, it makes a great backdrop for photos, and just has ‘celebration’ written all over it!

But is paper the only material? I put together a few of my favourite garlands I found online below. Which is when I thought Felt would be the perfect alternative to paper. It doesn't fray, it lasts longer, it wont get ruined in the cupboard and its so much fun to work with!

I decided I wanted a mixture of shapes. I liked the geometric look, but thought mixing balloon shapes within it would be fun!

I basically got a whole pack of this Extra Thick Wool Felt in the bright assortment and cut it free hand into a mixture of circles, triangles and balloon shapes. 

This project is so simple, you can use as many or as little as you like. You can keep to a pattern, a colour way or make it totally random. It’s up to you. 

I put all my shapes into colour piles, I didn’t want the same colours next to each other. Get your first piece and use contrasting thread to sew a straight line through it. When you come near to the edge, place your second piece under the machine and carry on sewing. 

I made sure I kept all the balloons at a right angle to my thread so they’d all be the same way. But for the other shapes I kept it random, sewing at different angles. 

This is such a fun project and so simple. I made a 2 metre garland in less than half an hour and used just 1 pack of felt - amazing!

I just love the bright colours and can get this out for everyones birthdays, it will last for years! 

For extra effect you could sew on little ribbon strings to all the balloon shapes. You could even create an ombre effect garland by using a pack of felt in the same colour-way! The possibilities are endless!

Looking forward to my next post! Happy Handmade!

Sophia x