Hi Everyone!

Boy where has the year gone? It has hit me that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. I suddenly realised that I hadn't made anything for Christmas yet - I have been last minute with everything this year!

I felt inspied by my daughter (Vicki's) Christmas Wreath she made for her last Minerva Crafts Blogger Network project. But where I want to put a wreath in my home it would be a little too big, so I set about making a smaller version.

I am using a 25cm half ring polystyrene wreath shape. First of all I have cut out some polycotton fabric into 5cm strips. I am using a dark colour because I feel it gives a depth of colour and will mask out the white of the polystyrene. There is no need to do this too neatly, the emphasis is on making sure all the white is covered up. I used the pins to secure each piece of material at the back.

Like Vicki I have chosen the green Stylecraft 'poodle' yarn because I think it looks most like a holly wreath. It is wound round and round over the polycotton and gives a wonderful texture. The wreath Vicki made still only used 1 ball of poodle yarn but she had to wind it round more sparsely with hers being a larger wreath, and therefore had to cover the white polystyrene wreath with fabric first. Because I used a smaller ring I was able to wrap the yarn around much tighter, it could be argued that I didn't need to wrap the polycotton fabric around first, but I decided to do it anyway - the last thing I wanted was for any unsightly white to show through.

I used a 15mm wide decorative gold ribbon to wrap around the wreath. I wrapped in around 5 times and then used the remainder folded back on itself and pinned into the back of the wreath to make the loop hanger so I can hang it on the wall.

I then placed the red satin start ribbon flowers in each of the 5 spaces left by the ribbon. They have small gold beads in the centre which look really festive! I used two pins to secure each flower, one at each side of the gold beads and pushed them in at angles so the heads of the pins nestled underneath the beads so you don't see them. A little tip is to press each pin in with the edge of your scissors (I hasten to add, not the sharp edge!)

I'm really happy with the finished wreath - doesn't it look pretty?!

I am not content with just making one - Ive got the creative festive bug now! I decided to make a second one in another colour - this time a little different from the red, green and gold traditionally associated with Christmas. I went with a red, black and silver theme to give a more contemporary look.

I used the 25cm half ring again. The main difference between the two was the way I wrapped the yarn around. With the green one I just wrapped it around next to each other continuously from start to finish around the wreath. I started to do this with the red one but soon realised that there was quite a bit of black in it and when wound on in the same way there were patches of black which I didnt think looked very Christmassy. So, instead I wound the yarn around the wreath twice, but slightly looser and spread further apart each time. The result gave a much more random coverage of the black and red in the yarn.

I was happy with how this turned out and so continued on to decorate it in a similar, but slightly different way to the green wreath. I hope you like it!

I just about sqeezed it in for Christmas. You can easily make one of these wreaths in a couple of hours so there is still plenty of time to make one this year! The kit contains everything you need and you can buy either the red, green and gold kit or the red, black and silver kit.

Happy Crafting everyone!

Til next time,

Annette x