Hi, everyone. It’s me Sophie from sopbac.com. I’ve been on a sewing roll lately and want to make all the things! Next month my husband and I are going to Rome for a vacation/my birthday/late honeymoon. I, like most sewists, am planning to make everything I can before the vacation and using it to take photos of my newest makes, you know other places than my street...

This amazing skirt has been on my radar for over a year now, but somehow I’ve never made the time to make it until now. I know that this pattern is loved by a lot of makers in the sewing community - over on the Minerva Crafts blogger network page I found three! The three skirts is made by Not Sew Simple, Gabberdashery and Wanderstitch. I’m of course talking about the Rosari Skirt from Pauline Alice Patterns.

This skirt has so many views. Even though the alterations between the versions might be small it makes a totally different look all together. The skirt has two lengths, mini and midi, it also has four different pocket types. For view A there is rounded pockets with a coin pocket, view B is simple patch pockets, view C has inverted pleat patch pockets with buttoned flaps, and lastly, view D has zipped pockets. For all the views there is a button up front.

I chose to make version C with the inverted pleat pockets and mini length. I’ve always wanted a good denim skirt and this was perfect for it.

For the mini length version I needed eight buttons, and this set of flower Jeans Buttons were perfect. What I didn’t think about was that I needed two buttons for the inverted pleat pockets as well. Luckily, I still got some buttons left from when I made my Safran Pants back in October.

It was so easy inserting these buttons using my Prym pliers tool for snaps and eyelets. I marked down where I wanted the buttons to go so that they were evenly spread out and then just popped it in place - easy peasy!

I already had this jeans topstitching thread in my stash, but you could use this amazing set of 5 Jeans Denim Thread from Gütermann if you would like a more contrast to your denim make. As you might see from the close-up picture below, I didn’t manage to fold the pocket under very round, but the topstitching made it seem more rounded on the edges than what it actually was. Winning at illusion!

I made the skirt in all Denim Fabric, there might be an option to make a contrasting waistband or pockets, but since I made a fairly plain skirt I figured I’ll have a little fun on the inside! I used bias bindings to close up the seams. I started with the Floral Print Bias Tape for the side seam, but it turned out I didn’t have enough for the rest of the seams. I had this lemon yellow Prym Bias Tape in my stash that I thought matched the flowers in the floral tape, but I only had enough for the length of the skirt, so I pulled out some light blue bias tape as well and made the back seams. And that’s the reason it has three colors on the inside - fun though!

I’m so happy with this skirt. I also got to pair it up with my dotted tights, fun times! Can’t wait for it to be spring here so that I can wear this with ballerinas and not thigh high boots and take off those tights! I’m ready for you to make your presence spring!