For this month’s make I’ve thrown myself back into dressmaking – this time working on the Butterick See and Sew Pattern of a loose-fit dress that was the second option with my jumpsuit pattern

I chose this beautiful Batik Style Fabric that I thought would work really well for a more casual, looser style. 

I love the shades of blue and it was quite a relief to be sewing with a simple fabric again (no slip here!). The pattern is really straightforward – no pockets or zips or fiddly bits so it was all very plain sailing and a relatively quick make. The beautiful fabric has such an organic pattern that I didn’t even have to pattern match!

Unfortunately when I finished the dress it was absolutely huge on me. I was really careful measuring, and the style is meant to be loose (with the model wearing a belt to bring the waist in) but it just didn’t suit me at all. I hate the idea that after spending all that time making something I wouldn’t wear it so I had to do something. 

I tried increasing the size of the seams to make the whole thing smaller but it wasn’t really improving the look and so in the end I decided to add darts to completely bring the waist in, make the hips narrower and the armholes slightly smaller. 

I also brought the length of the whole thing up so it sat above my knees, and finally added some teeny tiny darts around the back of the neckline to adjust the fit to sit more comfortably. The final dress isn’t really what the pattern intended but isn’t that all part of the fun of sewing!

Plus I now have a dress I think I could easily throw on for work or the weekend and the shape suits me so so much more than the original. I’m really pleased with the finished result. Luckily the fabric is incredibly forgiving so it hasn’t pulled out of shape at all while I wrestled with the new design.

Now arguably I have not made a dress very suitable for winter… but I figure chunky tights and a bit of faux fur will see me through!