Hi everyone,

I am very excited to share with you my first project for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network (#MCBN). I was very honoured when I was asked to join a team of very talented sewists that are part of the #MCBN.

As you can imagine it took me some time to decide on my first project, I knew I wanted it to be special. So after some thought I decided that The Flint Trousers Sewing Pattern by Megan Nielsen Patterns was a good start. To make them I went bold and used red gaberchino Fabric.

As the original pattern is for a cropped trouser, due to my height (only 5ft2) I knew I wanted to actually lengthen the trouser. I started with 10 cm (or 4”). And I still managed to make it out of 2 m of fabric. Based on the finished garment measurements I cut a size S with no other changes.

Before starting marking my project, I tested several marking tools, to make sure they will stay until I was ready to construct the trousers. The best for me in this case was the blue water soluble pen.

The instructions booklet is well thought of and contains both worded instructions as well as diagrams to help with construction. I am so sold off on the pleat construction that now I am using Megan’s technique for all my pleats. The instructions also keep in mind that some of us like to finish the raw edges for nice insides.

When making the waistband ties, I got a bit carried away with trimming the seam allowances that I ended up with one tie’s corner unravelling. But this was easily fixed as I still had enough scrap fabric to cut another set.

Because I had the impression that the waistband construction was more complicated, I read the instructions for it first. Usually, I just glance at the diagrams and free-style it. Once I realised it is not that complicated, I decided to do a partial Burrito technique on it (I learnt this from Janet Pratt on one of her classes on Craftsy).

After turning over, I decided that I’ll get a more professional finish by handstitching the facing down, and not to worry about whether the I catch the facing in when I do a stitch in the ditch from the right side.

The other moment I was a bit worried was when I opened the buttonhole. Only, just recently, I had an accident and I cut though my stitching. To save myself a heartache, I used two pins and fray check.

Happy days it all went ok, and I ended up with a pair of Flint Trousers that I like. 

Remember, I was telling you I added 10 cm to lengthen them? Well it seems I added too much, because I ended up shortening them by 5 cm and still have to wear hills with them.

But this is not stopping me from planning two more versions of this pattern.

My Flint Trousers already had an outing at the #GBSBLive in London a few weeks back. 

In the first one I am with fellow Romanian sewist – Alex (Sewrendipity) who was also a Sewing Bee Contestant and on the other one I am with Amy (Love Sewing Editor).

I really love my new trousers. They fit well and that tie waistband is the cutest I’ve seen in a while. At the same time the trousers come together so fast that you want to make more. I really love the technique used to fasten the trousers waistband without using a zipper.

Here are some more pictures of me modelling my new red trousers.

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Flint Trousers by Megan Nielsen Patterns

Fabric: 2 metre red Gaberchino Fabric

Notions: 1 matching button, interfacing for the waist band.

Sewing time: About 4 hours including tracing the pattern pieces.

Modifications: Lengthened trouser length by 10 cm.

Fit: Great!

Difficulty: Simple.

Watch out for: Consider making the legs less wide and shorten/lengthen them if like me middy is not your style.

Make Again?: Definitely. Already thinking of two other trousers a short for next summer as well as another long legged trouser.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. And please do share your make on Instagram by tagging @MinervaCrafts or using the hashtag #MinervaMakes. I’d love to see what you create.


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