I have used the standard round Clover Pom-Pom Makers in the past and love them as they really speed up the pom-pom making process, especially if you need to make a few, however, I have been so excited to try out my new Clover Heart Shaped Pom-Pom Maker.

With Valentine's day just around the corner I have wanted to make some heart shaped seasonal bunting and this is the perfect project for this tool.

What You Will Need:

Yarn - I used Stylecraft DK Special Yarn in: Pale Rose, Pistachio, White, Grey, Sherbet, Lipstick - Ive inlcuded a selection of colour in my materials list for you.

Clover Heart Shaped Pom-Pom Maker - Small

Clover Pom-Pom Maker - Medium

Transparent Thread

Large Needle

Cotton Thread

Small Sharp Scissors

Firstly I made the round Pom-Poms.  The round Pom-Pom maker is very quick and easy to use.

Firstly wrap your choice of yarn around the arms on both sides of the maker.

With both sides of the maker firmly closed, cut down the sides of the yarn.  Then tie a piece of cotton thread (approximately 25 cms) around the middle and tie firmly with a double knot.

You can then trim the Pom-Pom to tidy up any stray ends.

There you go.  A lovely round Pom-Pom.

The heart Pom-Pom works on a similar process, but it is slightly more complicated.  I have therefore included step by step instructions with photographs.  The Clover heart Pom-Pom maker produces lovely tight heart shaped Pom-Poms, so are definitely worth the extra effort.

You can see that the heart pom pom maker has segments.  You need to fill each segment by wrapping yarn around starting at the top of the Pom-Pom maker which is the widest end.

You need to ensure that you fill until you can just see the spokes sticking out.  You don't need to fill each arm with as much yarn as you do with a round Pom-Pom.  If you put too much yarn on you will struggle to close the arms securely.

You can see here that there are two hooks on each side of the maker.  You must ensure you do not cover these as they are important at the next stage.

You now need to tie the cotton yarn around the Pom-Pom maker making sure that it sits in between the little hooks on each side. Use only a single knot and hold the cotton thread tight.

Then wrap the loose cotton around the little hooks to secure.

Next, with your sharp scissors cut into the ridge at the side as shown in the photograph below.

You now need to repeat this on each side.

The central tufts on both sides need to be trimmed at a diagonal slant.  This will make the point shape of the heart.

Now carefully unhook the cotton yarn and pull really tightly.  Once it wont tighten anymore make the knot into a double knot.

The Pom-Pom now looks a little bit like a strawberry and needs a good trim. 

Using your sharp scissors trim the Pom-Pom so it is pointed at the bottom and make a ridge at the top.

Isn't it cute?

Now you have made all of your Pom-Poms you need to attach them onto the transparent thread.  Thread your needle and then tie a knot in the bottom of the thread.  Thread on a round Pom-Pom ensuring the needle goes directly through the middle of the Pom-Pom or it will hang crooked.  You will need to tie another knot approximately 4-5 cm above the top of the round Pom-Pom and then thread on a heart Pom-Pom.

I tied each of these strings of Pom-Poms onto a plait made out of three strands of white yarn, but you could also use a ribbon or thin bias binding.

I LOVE how the Pom-Poms appear to be floating and the bunting looks really cute hung in our stair-well.