Hi there! Hope you’re enjoying the glorious heat wave conditions? Personally it’s getting a touch warm; I think I’m genetically designed for somewhat less sun!

Anyway, I digress.  My make for this month is actually perfect for this type of weather, so for once I’m all prepared.  I chose to use this beautiful Cotton Lawn Fabric, printed with glorious mosaic cranes.  I’ve seen this fabric all over Instagram and it seems to look amazing whatever you use it for.

I was originally going to make a different top out of it, but then when it arrived, it was crying out for a pattern with minimal seam lines; I basically wanted to cut into the print as little as possible. I opted to pull out the Hey June Handmade “Trevi” top.  This pattern is a lovely one; it’s beautifully cut to be as flattering as possible, but it’s really straightforward to pull together with a minimum of pattern pieces.  It can also be made as a dress.

I have to admit that this fabric is not really what the pattern was designed for.  The pattern instructions call for something with lots of drape and no structure.  If you want to see what it looks like in a lovely, flowy rayon, check out the blog post I did the first time I made this top, last summer.

I think the reason for the recommendation is to ensure that it skims your curves rather than standing away from your body. However, on this occasion, I decided that that was the look I was going for, so totally ignored the instructions and did my own thing!

And I think I got away with it.  The top does have a fair amount of body to it, as I’d expect from a lawn, but I- actually like the effect.  You absolutely get the impact of the print, which was what I was really aftr.

It may look like I didn’t think about pattern placement (which to be honest, I often don’t), but actually, I thought about it for quite a while.  I decided that I didn’t want a bird front and centre, preferring instead to aim for one going up and over a shoulder and another lower on the top.  I’m happy with the slightly abstract effect this gives.

The neckline and armholes are finished with bias binding. I know this can be a little more fiddly, but I much prefer this to using a facing on a summery top; I really don’t like adding extra layers of fabric to something I’m wearing to keep cool.  The stable nature of the beautiful cotton lawn meant making my own bias was easy, so it’s all very smart inside.

I cheated a little on the back of the top; instead of sewing multiple buttons and buttonholes, I used my Prym pliers to install snaps in gold all down the back.  I won’t pretend they were 100% happy about going through the fabric, but I made it work!

So, despite breaking a few rules, I have a summery top I am really happy with that is definitely meeting all my stay-cool and cover up delicate skin requirements in this weather.


Becca x