Hello all! This month I have a double whammy for you. This is the outfit that I've been dreaming of all summer, and it's such a shame that I've only just found the time to sew it together. Luckily it'll be ready and waiting for me when summer appears next year. 
Let's start with the shorts. I've been looking for the perfect pair of shorts forever but I've found lighter coloured stretch denim hard to come by, so when I saw it on the website I snapped it up immediately. I used a self drafted shorts pattern, adding in a back yoke, curved front pockets. back pockets and a fly front zipper to make them into proper jean shorts. 
The sewing together was quite straightforward and just involved a lot of switching between normal thread and topstitching thread but I did manage to finish them in a couple of hours. The topstitching became very satisfying once I'd practised a bit, and I'm so glad I got a decent buttonhole on the waistband! The fabric is super soft and the slight amount of stretch makes them really comfortable. In terms of things I would change, I think that they are just a little too flared. Next time I'd narrow that down a bit, and I think I'd length the back pockets a tad too. Other than that I'm really pleased with them!
The top was even quicker to put together than the shorts! This summer has been the summer of shirring for me, and this is my final contribution to that effort. When I was looking for the right fabric for this top I wanted a small print because the entire body of the top was going to be shirred and it didn't make sense for a larger print to get lost in that. I love the cotton print that I chose, and it has so many of my favourite colours in it. The difference between this top and the other shirred things I've made this season was that I chopped off the head of the sleeves to make this an off the shoulder blouse. 
The construction was quite fun because I did a lot of hemming before pieces were actually sewn together. First I hemmed the tops of the front and back pieces. Then they were joined at the side seams and hemmed as one big tube. The sleeve seam was sewn on each sleeve and then the top and bottom of each of those was hemmed and then it was time to attach the sleeves to the body. Then the last step was the shirring! I did 3 rows on the top of the blouse, 3 on the bottom and 5 on the sleeve cuffs. I did debate leaving the hem unshirred but it became a bit of a risky manoeuvre whenever I lifted my arms above my head, so I shirred the hem as a bit of a safety precaution. This top turned out exactly how I wanted it to, and I'm going to do my absolute best to get as much wear out of it as I can before it gets too cold!
Thanks so much for reading and to Minerva for providing the fabrics for this post!
Lauren xx