I was fortunate enough to get away from the cold and damp British weather this November when I went on holiday to Lanzarote. I made this pair of B6178 Culottes in View B especially for the occasion. I wore them twice over the holiday for our evening meals, and I was very thankful that I had made culottes and not a skirt as it can be blustery over there in the winter!

I chose the John Kaldor Floral Crepe Dress Fabric in Pink, available here at Minerva Crafts. It was my first time using a John Kaldor fabric and it certainly won’t be my last, the quality is fantastic and the print is even more beautiful in person. I had previously chosen the fabric thinking it was pink flowers on black, only to find my computer screen had deceived me - the background is actually a plum shade of purple. Fortunately, it was a pleasant surprise, as the colours work well together and the lighter shade allows for better visibility of the structure of the garment and its details. The fabric is a sturdy, medium weight crepe that is a pleasure to sew with and the drape allows for elegant, flowing pleats.

Construction of the garment is also wonderfully simple, as the instructions are easy to follow. I would advise looking for fabrics which are 60 inches wide if possible, as it really streamlines the cutting process. There are 4 pattern pieces for this garment: a trouser front, trouser back, a waistband and pockets. As I left it to the last minute to make these, as with everything before a holiday, I opted to exclude the pockets this time. A decision I regret as pockets would be a great addition. The pleats were the most time-consuming part of the construction, due to the amount of basting to keep them in place. But still, the culottes came together very quickly, and I had made my first cut and the last stitch on the same day.

I am quite the pear-shaped lady, and did find that the size I cut (Size 14) was on the small side around my ample hips, so I did let the side seams out for comfort’s sake, I would have prefered the next size up, but this was all my version of the pattern allowed, it was certainly a small size 14, as I’m usually between a 12 and a 14 on my bottom half. I would advise that any fellow voluptuous ladies consider the next size up, to allow for greater flexibility over the fit of the garment.

Overall, I am very pleased with the culottes. It’s my first pair, and I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t suit me, but I think they’re pretty trendy (I hope!). They are certainly comfortable to wear, and I’d like to make a more lightweight pair for daytime use - due to the weight of the crepe and the amount of fabric folded due to the pleats, these actually are warmer than you’d realise, which was nice when the wind picked up in the evening.

The Sewing Pattern includes three other variants of culottes, meaning there is a design to suit everyone’s taste, and it’s a quick sew, so if you’ve ever been tempted to jump on the culotte bandwagon, this is the perfect pattern for you! Which is your favourite style of culotte and what fabric would you use to make them? Let me know in the comments below!