Hello again! It’s September already and I’ve got another make to show you!

This time it’s the Reeta Dress Sewing Pattern from Named!

If you’re on Instagram, or any other form of social media for that matter, you’ll have seen the Reeta dress explode onto the sewing scene when Named Clothing released their Playground collection earlier this year. This midi length shirtdress just seemed to really resonate with everyone!

The shirtdress features short sleeves, a notched collar, breast pockets and side vents. It has a drawstring waist to cinch it in in the middle. It has a bit of a retro vibe to it – I can totally see people in the 70s wearing it!

I wanted to make a more autumnal version of this dress so I picked out this dark floral Viscose Fabric for it. I’d recommend using a viscose for this pattern – a bit of drape will help it hang better especially at the waist where the drawstring is.

This is the first Named pattern I’ve used which has all the seam allowances included! The pattern pieces don’t overlap, although you do have to join up the pieces of the front and back bodices. I’m not complaining though; those pieces really are very long so I don’t think they’d have had a choice! It’s definitely been the easiest Named pattern I’ve used so far!

I only made one adjustment to the pattern before I started cutting and sewing and that was to shorten it. Named patterns are drafted for a 5’8 height I believe. And I’m 5’2. That’s a big difference! I decided to just go for it and chop off 6 inches as due to the way they put in their facing, it becomes difficult to alter the length at the end. Although if this is a concern for you, I would recommend just ignoring their instructions here. (TIP: add some length to the facing piece so that it matches the front bodice then just hem the dress at the end).

I took off the extra length in the middle of the dress above the vents. My previous experience with their Kielo dress told me their vent height would probably be weirdly low on me if I took it all off the bottom hem. In retrospect, I should have done 4” in the middle of the dress and 2” off the hem to really be perfect! That being said the final length was just right on me!

The dress was actually quite easy to sew. I really like sewing notched collars like this. I always feel like I don’t quite see how it’s going to come together and then suddenly it does! It’s a nice feeling and I always end up super proud of my ability to follow instructions! Haha!

Apart from the length adjustment, I cut a straight size 12. This dress has a lot of ease included and it’s meant to hang a little loose so fitting isn’t so important.

With the Buttons and the drawstring waist, I waited until I’d finished the rest of the dress and could try it on and mark where I wanted everything to go rather than follow the directions on the pattern. If you know you’re a lot taller/ shorter than the intended user, it’s always a good idea to do this to make sure things are in the right place!

I love how this dress will work with sandals (and a big hat) in the summer but can be paired with boots and layered up for colder days. Midi length dresses seem to be very versatile like that!