Hello all! This is my latest Minerva make, a floral Zeena dress. I wanted a new dress for spring and I love the colours of this viscose print. I worry that simple silhouettes can be boring, but they can never be boring in a print like this.

I love Viscose Fabric for summer dresses because it's so light and airy, but still being perfectly opaque. And it didn't crease at all throughout the day which is fantastic. It presses really well and so soft to touch. I wasn't aware of wearing it throughout the day, which meant that nothing about it was bothering me, which is great!

I cut both the skirt front and skirt back on the fold, forgetting that the zip was supposed to go in the center back so I sewed up the CB bodice seam and put the zip in the side seam instead. I spent a lot of time tacking the pleats to make sure they were as good as possible. French seams always seem to throw them off a bit though.

Construction-wise I wasn't sure how the fit was going to turn out so I sewed the front bodice to front skirt and back bodice to back skirt and then did the side seams in case I needed to do any alterations. It ended up fitting perfectly fine. It's not tight by any means, but that's what I want in a summer dress.

I really wanted the dress to have a clean finish, with no raw edges. My overlocker is at home while I'm at uni so that forced me to be a bit more creative. The shoulder seams, waist seams and side seam are french seamed. The hems of the sleeves are turned under twice and slip-stitched. The neck was finished with bias binding. Understitching honestly makes the world of difference - It's always worth that little bit of extra time and effort. I ran out of time to hand sew the hem so I had to sew it by machine instead, which actually looks alright. I folded the raw edges under the zipper tape and whip-stitched them down to clean up that bit as well.

I'm really happy with how this dress turned out. It'll be the perfect dress to throw on whenever I don't know what to wear. I also whipped myself up a headband of sorts from a rectangle of fabric scraps which I think looks super cute.

Thanks very much for reading, to Minerva Crafts for providing the kit to make this dress and to Mary-Kate for taking pictures with her arms full of my fabric shopping.

Lauren xx