Well hello everyone,

Can you believe it’s June already?! How did that happen??

If, like me, you took part in the brilliant Me Made May challenge you might be lamenting the end of it. Seeing hoards of pictures of crafters in their handmade creations everyday is the most inspiring thing. Every day in May I have added things to my ‘to sew’ or ‘to knit’ list and been overwhelmed by the amount of love in the crafting community. It’s a beautiful thing and I already can’t wait for next year! One thing I will definitely have a lot more to wear in May 2017 is knitted garments - since my first jumper, for Minerva Crafts back in July last year I love knitting clothes. Well jumpers and cardigans in particular so that’s why I’m back with another jumper today which I just so happened to wear on the last day of Me Made May...

I’m getting into a bit of a habit taking on wooly jumper projects as it starts to get warmer - but I live in the UK and right now, on the supposed ‘first day of Summer’ it’s pretty darn chilly and I’m in a fleece onesie so I’ve decided there is never a bad time to make a cosy jumper and this was a great project for many reasons.

I chose the pattern, Sirdar Ladies & Girls Sweaters Knitting Pattern 7313, as I wanted to have a nice simple knitting project to do whilst I was recovering from surgery that I had in May but I was my usual impatient self and started it straight away when I got the delivery at the end of April so it was finished and I was wearing my lovely fluffy jumper long before I went into hospital - oops!! It’s OK as I started a cardigan straight after instead! Anyway this jumper is QUICK - It honestly took me just over 2 weeks to knit it up and that was the odd hour here and there. I think if I locked myself away (with netflix and tea) I could knit this up in a day, well maybe two… but it’s that quick - the wool practically jumped off my needles right onto my back! Th yarn I used is Sirdar Ophelia and it comes in other colours too if your not a fan of black.

The wool is so soft and fluffy - it’s got amazing flecks of silvery glitter coming through which makes it almost glamourous as well as pretty much the cosiest thing I own. I am a massive fan of the fluffy jumper - I have quite a few and I do live in them - there are few things better than coming home in the evening, putting on pajama bottoms and a fluffy jumper to snuggle up on the sofa in!! Now I have the added pleasure of wearing a handmade fluffy jumper - as everything is better handmade isn’t it?!

The pattern was so easy to follow and is perfect for a beginner knitter or anyone that wants a speedy fluffy jumper to make. It’s made up flat with 6.5mm needles and sewn together at the end. I tried out knitting both sleeves together for the first time and it worked brilliantly and, yes, sped things things up nicely! Not that you can see it, under all that fluff, but the cuffs and neckband are ribbed and the rest is all in stockinette with shaping on waist, bust and armholes so it’s a nice flattering fit.  

So that’s all from me and my wondrous fluffy jumper - another wardrobe staple courtesy of Minerva - thank you so much you lovely lot!!

Take care all and happy knitting,