For this month's post I chose this beautiful roitelet Digital Print Cotton Fabric, this fabric really has it all, spots, birds, leaves and all these in striking colours. Some of you may think it's too much but I loved it the moment I saw it and I just needed to have it.

I was looking for a fabric that I could make it into a shirt and I think it is suitable for that exact purpose. 

I chose Butterick Pattern 5526, I had it in my stash for about two years now but had not used it till now. This pattern includes 5 different views, it features a collar band, shaped hemline, placket, cuffs and pleated pockets. It is not the classic tailored shirt, at least not as I consider a tailored shirt to be.

When sewing shirts I prefer to start the construction from the collar, I think it's the part that takes the most attention on it and so I want to make it while my brain is still fresh and not tired. I did the same here and I'm pleased with the result just a little bit annoyed that I placed the birds up side down.

As I mentioned, this is not a tailored shirt pattern, it does not feature a classic tower placket but rather a binding placket. I do like my shirts with a tower placket so I just added it myself. The fact that it does not feature a back yoke didn't bother me, I actually preferred this with out it so I didn't make any change on that part. 

One feature that I didn't want to have in this specific shirt was the pleated pocket, I do like a pocket in my shirt and a pleated pocket is quite cute but this time I went for a plain pocket.

Before attaching the collar the pattern has you staystich around the neckline, I don't really like stay stitching that's why I usually cut narrow pieces of iron on interfacing, about 1 cm wide, and apply that instead. On this project I tried the Vilene Iron on Bias Stay Tape and I'm happy for using it as it even includes the staystich on it and you just have to use the iron to apply it in place. 

I flat felled all the seams apart from the underarm seam which I don't know how it could be flat felled, I hope I could do that too as in that case the shirt would have been perfectly neat on the inside. Instead, I just folded over the seam allowance and hand stitched it down to secure it.

I like the shaped hem of the shirt however I prefer to wear my shirts tucked in so that's a feature that only I will now as it will not be visible.

I'm really satisfied with this one, I love the fact that it's a happy and colourful fabric and it reminds me of spring so it's quite season appropriate.

Thank you for reading,