Hi Minerva crafters, most of my makes are garments meant for everyday wear but for some time now I've been wanting to add some more frosting items in my wardrobe and although sequin is now worn every day, to me it is more of a special occasion fabric so that's what I used to make my frosting piece.

For this month's post I chose two fabrics.The first is a floral Sequin Lace Fabric which is quite expensive and to make an entire garment with it would be out of the budget for me. But once I saw this fabric I could not ignore it as it is gorgeous. So I started thinking what could I make with just half a meter and how can I use it in a garment paired with a second fabric. The easiest combination seemed to be a solid black fabric, the nylon tulle is black so it could be a good match and that is the second fabric I ordered for this post and in particular, it is the Atelier Brunette Viscose Crepe. I intended to use it to interface the sequinned tulle and also as the main fabric.

The pattern I chose is one of the most popular patterns from Burdastyle Magazine, it is pattern nr. 115 from the 04/2014 issue. It features a wrapped front, wide boatneck and asymmetric hem, a really cute design that looks very interesting with the use of two different fabrics. I made size 42 which is the biggest size for this pattern.

It is not a secret that the instructions of Burda Magazine are minimal. I always choose patterns that don't look too complicated and that I can make without following their instructions in case I don't understand them. This pattern is very easy and this time I didn't even have to look at the instructions as it is just a simple top. The only thing that bothered me was how I would handle the sequinned fabric as I had never used before.

I only had half a meter of the sequinned fabric and I decided to make the back and the front part of the wrap of the blouse with it. The sleeves and back part of the wrap are made with the black crepe. I started by removing the sequins in the seam allowance of the front and I did that but it did take forever and at some point, I got bored of it and decided to leave the back as it was and not remove the sequins from the seam allowance. I found out later, after breaking one needle that either I had to remove them from the seam allowance or I had to sew very slowly. I did the second, somehow while I was sewing in a very low speed I didn't have any problem and managed to sew it without losing a second needle. The hems and the neckline are finished with bias binding.

All in all, I love my new blouse, I think it is gorgeous and I look forward to wearing it!

Take care,