Hi Everyone! I hope you’re all well and underway with Christmas preparations. 
So this months make I’ve been looking forward to doing for ages. As all the Christmas parties and festive drink invites start to appear, I’ve been looking to add a few staple ‘party ready’ wares to my wardrobe. But they have to be comfy or I just simply will not wear them. 
The Sewing Pattern I chose was the Tilly and the Buttons Francoise. I instantly knew this dress would be comfortable, not to mention its sweet ‘party ready’ sixties style. I thought this dress pattern in a soft, smooth ponte roma would be perfect in these colder evenings. 
I found this grey Ponte Roma Fabric on the site and thought it was the perfect colour. Not too bold and not too boring. I had an idea to add a pop of sparkle to the collar. And on a recent trip to Lisbon, I bought some rose gold mini sequin fabric, and have been saving it for something special. Teamed with the grey, I knew it would look great. But I know any sparkly fabric would work well here. 
I didn’t change my needle at all to sew through the sequins as it was quite thin and there wasn’t huge chunks of sequins in one place. But I’d recommend sewing a small piece first to check how it reacts under your machine. You may need a leather needle. 
The pattern, like all of Tilly’s patterns, are easy to follow with clear instructions. The construction of the dress wasn’t difficult at all, so I’d definitely recommend it for your stash. There are two variations you can make/combine. But I went with both sleeves and a collar as I thought it would be warmer and a little more fancy. 
The most difficult part of this dress was getting the collar neatly sitting on top of the dress. The thicker fabrics I’ve used, meant I had to trim down a few layers before finishing the seams and under-stitching. So something to bear in mind when using a slightly thicker fabric. 
The Ponte Roma fabric I chose was so soft and snuggly. It’s a dream to wear. And it has a soft sheen like texture so looks quite dressy and elegant too. I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this and  also think it may be a Christmas Day Dress contender. 
I think I would definitely make another, again in a warm Ponte Roma as it’s just so nice to wear in the winter with tights. Maybe with a pop of colour. Even a burgundy might look amazing. 
So to summarise; an easy pattern to create a functional piece of festive wear. The fabric makes it so comfortable and the pop of sparkle adds that extra hint of Christmas. I hope you agree? 
I have loads of fun makes coming to the blogger network from next month so keep your eyes peeled for those!
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x